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Welcome to 'The India24', a leading and trusted source of news media websites on the Internet with its presence in digital media in several Indian languages with a prominent footprint in India and many countries around the world.

The core objective of 'The India24' website is to make available to our readers on health, lifestyle, technology, medicine, food, fashion, politics, movie, sports, articles, and the latest news and various types of information, from India and around the world. So that a well aware, prosperous, and happy society can be formed because we are strongly dedicated to giving our readers the very best of journalism.

To create a journalistic impact by providing authentic, unaltered, unbiased, and unique information that serves as the foundation of a well-informed and happy society that enables them to form opinions on important issues and act on them. Because journalism has a very important role in nation-building.

These are the pillars that not only define us and the way we do things, but also shape our future-forward journalism processes.

Launched in 2019 by Anupam Raj, The india24 has come a long way since its debut in Lucknow. When Anupam Raj first started, he had a great determinate and attachment to journalism, his main objective is to make availability of accurate, true, and multi-useful information on the internet to their readers, Now we can proudly say that in the present times that we serve our readers around the world, and are thrilled that we can turn our passion into the form of our website.

Many stringent standards are ensured by the observance of our comprehensive content policy that lays down the Code of Conduct and guidelines for The india24 and its journalists.

The india24 always committed to its ethical stance of 'No Influencer Policy' which ensures that its content/article are not influenced by any outside bias. No one who works with us engages in partisan political activities or contributes in any way to any candidates or advocates of any organization.
We hope you enjoy the knowledge we have provided about the fair, useful, informative, healthy environmental news and articles on this website, as much as we enjoy giving them to you. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anupam Raj
Lucknow, India.
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