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Authors may submit their content for publication in any topic and category in the English language only, all submissions are subject to complying with the guidelines described below, and they will be considered only if they conform to the same.

To become a regular contributor to India24, follow the below-mentioned guidelines that will help you to get your article approved and published.

You are a blogger, writer, avid reader, or anyone who has something to write and share with our community.

Write content that solely focuses on quality, is informative, and adds value to extreme readers.

Authors may submit their content for publication in any topic and category in the English language only, all submissions are subject to complying with the guidelines described below, and they will be considered only if they conform to the same.


Terms & Conditions and Important guidelines for the submission of content:

  • Clearly mention the name and personal contact information of the author(s) of the submitted content.
  • If you are submitting the article or content for publication on behalf of any organization or any group, kindly attach an authorization or assent issued by the appropriate authority of that organization.
  • Make sure the content that you are intending to submit for publication on this site is unprejudiced and authentic, as well as the purpose of which should be to provide informational, educational, motivational, or any kind of skills learning to our ultimate readers.
  • We do not compensate or charge for guest posts or any kind of content published on this site. It is absolutely free of any pecuniary transaction, and we also reserve the right to reject or remove the article/content from the publication without prior notice to the author.
  • The submitted content should be unique and of high quality. We thoroughly check every article via plagiarism testing before publishing.
  • We respect individual work and if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same goes for images that you use on your post. Please give credit where credit is needed.
  • Your article should be a minimum of 1500 words to be accepted and don’t exceed 4500 words, unless and until you are writing any type of tutorial or instructional article.
  • You can use as many images and videos as you wish in your article, but you must submit at least one image as a featured image of your article/content, which is enriched with a description and appropriate keywords. None of the images and videos submitted should be under copyright protection.
  • Kindly write the article in your natural way and make sure very carefully that there are no grammatical errors in the article.
  • Kindly make sure very carefully that any article/content you want to submit for publishing into this site should not be contained any kind or any sort of prohibited, communal, hate, racism, or adult content.
  • The articles, content, and images (including videos) you submit must be original, unique, and not copied or reused from anywhere, and must pass through a strict plagiarism test.
  • If your content/article gets published on this site then you agree that you can never become any type of part of this website or company in any way, nor will you ever ask yourself to become any type of part of this website, blog, or company.  
  • You are absolutely agreed that any type of published material submitted by you on this site will become the sole property of The India24, You will not have the copyright rights or any kind of ownership, nor you can make any type of copyright claim on submitted content in the future.
  • In any case, the author himself will be solely responsible for any kind of claim, dispute, and legal matter on the published material, which will have nothing to do with this site.
  • If you consider that all the above terms and conditions are according to your convenience and suit you, then kindly submit your esteemed content for publication here immediately.

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  • The guidelines, terms and conditions for the submission of articles/content are subject to change without any prior notice and if any edit is required in the content submitted by you, it can be edited by us before publishing.