Biography of Chris Gayle.

The great cricketer of the world Chris Gayle does not need any kind of introduction because of his style of playing cricket.

The great player is actually a Jamaican cricketer but at the international level, he plays for the West Indies cricket team.
This guy established many great records due to his explosive cricket, here is a brief introduction of the biography of Chris Gayle that's established him as an amazing star cricketer.

Biography of Chris Gayle.

Chris Gayle is one of the greatest cricketers in the world who is well recognized all over the world for his explosive batting, and whenever he is batting on the wicket, then even the greatest bowlers of the cricket world often try to avoid being ruined by him.

He is very popular in the West Indies and in the world like Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Despite being born in a very ordinary family he has created a different identity in the world of cricket, and today people also know as Universe Boss and Sixer Machine.

Chris Gayle's full name is Christopher Henry Gayle. And he was born on 21 September 1979 in Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, his father's name is Dudley Gayle, Who worked in the police department as a policeman, his mother's name is Hazel Gayle, he has 5 siblings; two of them are Vanclive Parris, Wayne Gayle (Younger).

Chris Gayle was in a long-term relationship with his female business partner named Natasha Berridge, a fashion designer by profession, and he married her on 31 May 2009, In the year 2016 Natasha has also given birth to a daughter named Chris-Allyina.

When he was young, his family's financial condition was very bad. his home was just a tin's hut in the name of the house, just somehow his family's income because of this, his mother Hazel Gayle had to sit on the roadside and work as a street vendor.

He completed his early childhood education at Campbell Town's Excelsior High School in Jamaica, which is for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 20 years of age groups. due to the poor financial condition of his family, Chris Gayle was only able to complete his tenth class standard education.

After leaving his studies, he went in search of employment so that he could help his family financially. But they could not get any kind of employment. Then he started a new type of work in which he started earning money by selling whatever he got by sorting it out of the piles of garbage lying in the road.

At the same time, he started playing cricket with the boys of his area and locality. Gradually cricket had become his passion.

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Personal profile:

  • Full name...Christopher Henry Gayle
  • Nationality...Jamaican
  • Date of birth...21 September 1979
  • Born territory...Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, West Indies.
  • Height...1.9m
  • Main Role in the team...As an Allrounder
  • Batting genre..Left-hand bat
  • Bowling genre...Right-arm off-break
  • Father's name...Dudley Gayle
  • Mother's name...Hazel Gayle
  • Date of marriage 31 May 2009.
  • Spouse name...Natasha Berridge.
  • Daughter's name...Kris–Allyna Gayle.
  • Brother's name...Vanclive Parris and Wayne Gayle
  • Test debut...vs Zimbabwe at Queen's Park Oval on 16 March 2000.
  • Last Test...vs Bangladesh at Arnos Vale Ground on  05 September 2014.
  • ODI debut...vs India at Toronto CSCC on  11 September 1999.
  • Last ODI...vs India at Queen's Park Oval on 14 August 2019.
  • T20 debut...vs New Zealand at Eden Park on 16 February 2006.
  • Last T20...vs England at Warner Park on 08 March 2019.
  • IPL debut...vs Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium on 22 May 2008.
  • Last IPL...Playing in the current season of 2021 in India.

Childhood biography of Chris Gayle:

When Chris Gayle used to play cricket in his area and locality in his childhood, he did not like to run on the crease at the duration of the batting period, so he always tries to hit the ball very hard and too far. So that they could not have to make runs by running on the crease and the ball can across the boundary line easily for making big scores.

Despite all these difficult types of circumstances, he never let his cricket passions diminish, during this period he proceeds along with playing cricket with the different teams of his area,  locality, and other villages but among all the guys who played with them of those guys, Chris Gayle's cricket game was always of a different type of level.

After watching his game, the selectors of Lucas Cricket Club, located in Kingston, Jamaica, selected him to play for his club, which led to a different type of change in his playing style.

Biography of Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle always wanted to do something extraordinary in the field of cricket and because of this, always he took full of advantage of whatever opportunity he had grabbed.

While playing for Lucas Cricket Club, he was looking to overcome his shortcomings and more strengthen his strong point of batting. Chris Gayle believes that if this Lucas Cricket Club had not given me a chance to play for his club, I might not have reached this point in life.

Chris Gayle has gets the debut to play first-class cricket from the Jamaica cricket squad in 1998.

Debut in international cricket:

On the 11 September year1999 at Toronto CSC club ground Canada, he was made his debut in international cricket by playing in a One-Day International against India, In this match, he was dismissed by scoring only one run in his debut ODI.

He also got a chance to debut in Test cricket against Zimbabwe in March 2000. He made a good start in this Test match and he was about to play a big inning that he was unfortunately run out for 33 runs but during his short inning period, He was able to impress everyone with his technique and style of playing the way of cricket.

After this debut, he started playing Test and ODI cricket for his country on regular basis, during which he was failing to play big innings despite making a good start.

he is started playing regular Test matches and ODI cricket, during which he was failing to play a big inning despite making a good start, but in the first Test match during the tour of West Indies to Zimbabwe at Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo on 19 July 2001, he played a wonderful knock of 175 runs and steeled his first century of test career.

After this, on 15 August 2001 at Simba Union Ground, Nairobi itself, opening innings in the first match against Kenya, he played a brilliant knock of 152 runs, this was his first century in the One Day International career.

In this way, he also ended his image of not being able to score runs in international cricket. 

  • Chris Gayle has captained a total of 90 matches for the West Indies in all three formats of international cricket from the period of years 2007 to 2010, the details of that are as follows

Summary of his captaincy:

Format Played Won Lost Draw Tied
Test 20 03 09 08 00
ODI 53 17 30 06 00
T20i 17 06 10 00 01
Total 90 26 49 14 01

International cricket career biography of Chris Gayle:

From 28 June to 2 July 2002, he played another brilliant inning of 204 runs against New Zealand in the second Test played at the National Cricket Stadium, St George's, Grenada in the West Indies tour of New Zealand in July 2002 and scored his first double century in cricket.

Along with this, he was also given the role of an opener in the format of the test and ODI cricket for the West Indies, during which he played several match-winning innings while retaining his superb form.

During India's tour of West Indies on November 15, 2002, at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad, he hammered a 140-run knock from 127 balls in the fourth ODI against India, which Indicates to the bowlers around the world that he could be a cause of a lot of trouble for them in the near future.

Chris Gayle now owns almost the maximum types of records related to batting in all three formats of cricket, including the most runs (10,000+Run), the most centuries, the fastest centuries, and the most numbers of fours and sixes.

During a test series against Australia, he became dizzy on the ground and had trouble breathing, he was immediately taken to the hospital where during his investigation it was found that he had some problem in his heart, after that he The heart surgery was done and the surgery was successful but the doctors told him to take a break from cricket for a few months. this situation is very painful for any sportsperson, Chris Gayle was also very sad because he At this time, he was going through the best form of his career and he was afraid that after the break, whether he will be able to play cricket in the same form again or not.

But when he returns to the ground after a successful recovery from illness, the world saw a new style of Chris gayle, which was much stronger and powerful than the previous, now as soon as he comes on the wicket, he starts dominating the bowlers very badly with his explosive batting, and due to cause of this type of cricket, the peoples of the whole world were becoming crazy about him.

Career's statistics biography of Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle has scored 7215 runs in 103 Test matches at an average of 42.19 with the 60.28 strike rate in his Test cricket career with the help of 12 centuries, 1 double, 2 triple centuries, and 37 half-centuries, in which his highest score was 333 runs.

In ODIs, he scored a total of 10480 runs from 301 ODIs at an average of 37.7 with the help of 24 centuries, 54 half-centuries, and one double century, of which his highest score was 215 runs.

Apart from this, he has also played 58 T20 matches in which he has scored 1627 runs with the help of 2 centuries and 13 half-centuries at an average of 32.54 with the strike rate of 142.84 in which his highest score is being 117 runs.

The summary of Chris Gayle's batting performance in all three formats of international cricket.

International batting performance:

Test ODI T20i Total
Match 103 301 74 467
Inn 182 294 70 535
Run 7215 10480 1854 19548
Hs 333 215 117 333
Avg 42.18 37.83 29.42 36.48
N/O 11 16 07 34
S/R 60.26 87.19 149.18 98.87
Four 1046 1128 155 2329
Six 98 331 121 550
50 37 54 14 105
100 12 24 02 38
200 01 01 00 02
300 02 00 00 02

He has also changed the direction of some matches due to his bowling skills several times. He has taken 73 wickets at an average of 42.74 for the total of 3120 runs in 104 innings from the 103 Test matches while bowling in test cricket, in which his best performance is five wickets for 34 runs.

Chris Gayle is also managed to crack 167 wickets for 5926 runs at an average of 35.49 in 119 innings of 300 ODIs, of which his best performance is five wickets for 40 runs on an ODI.

Apart from this, he has also managed to take 17 wickets for 377 runs at an average of 22.18, in 23 innings from the 58 T20 matches, of which his best performance is 2 wickets for 15 runs.

The summary of Chris Gayle's bowling performance in all three formats of international cricket.

International bowling performance:

Test ODI T20i Total
Match 103 301 74 478
Inn 104 199 29 332
Ball 7109 7424 375 14908
Run 3120 5926 433 9479
W 73 167 19 259
Bbi 5/34 5/46 2/15 5/34
BBm 6/81 5/46 2/15 6/81
Eco 2.63 4.79 6.92 4.78
Avg 42.74 35.49 22.78 33.76
S/R 97.38 44.46 19.70 53.84
5W 02 01 00 03

Chris Gayle has scored a total of 48 centuries in his entire international cricket career by combining all three formats of cricket including IPL, which is as follows.

In Test Matches.
Half Centuries...37
Double Centuries...01
Triple Centuries...02

In ODI Matches.
Half Centuries...54
Double Centuries...01

In T20 Matches.
Half Centuries...13

In IPL Matches.
Half Centuries...31

Chris Gayle's performance in the arias of batting, bowling, and fielding on the World Cups.

Performance in world cups:

Batt Data Bowll Data
Match 35 Match 35
Inning 34 Inning 20
Run 1186 Ball 793
Highest 215 Run 652
N.Out 01 W 16
Avg 35.93 Eco 4.93
S/R 90.53 S/R 49.56
H.Century 06 Avg 40.75
Century 01 BB/m 2/21
D.Century 01 5W 00
Four 116 -- --
Six 49 -- --
Catch 17 -- --

Chris Gayle is Generally considered a quiet, patient, and discipline cricket player.

This amazing unmatched player has given many unforgettable memories to cricket lovers around the world by his superb cricket playing skills and has also established several excellent records to his name in the game of cricket.

Chris Gayle announced his decision about retiring from international cricket after the 2019 World Cup, After hearing the news of his retirement from international cricket, there was sadness among cricket fans around the world and many people even stopped watching cricket. but due to his cricket fans around the world, he still continues to play in the IPL

IPL biography of Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle has been a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore team in IPL and is presently playing for the Kings XI Punjab team at the Indian Premier league.

His outstanding performance in IPL can be gauged from the fact that he is the highest century-hitting batsman of all time, most sixes, and fastest century by any batsman in IPL history so for.

A brief overview of Chris Gayle's performance in IPL history so far is the following.

Biography of Chris Gayle

Batting performance in IPL:

Year M Run HS Ave S/R 4s 6s 100 50 n/o CT
2021 10 193 46 21.44 125.32 21 08 00 00 01 03
2020 07 288 99 41.14 137.14 15 23 00 03 00 01
2019 13 490 99* 40.83 153.60 45 34 00 04 01 00
2018 11 368 104* 40.88 146.03 30 27 01 03 02 02
2017 09 200 77 22.22 122.69 15 14 00 01 00 02
2016 10 227 76 22.70 151.33 17 21 00 02 00 04
2015 14 491 117 40.91 147.44 39 38 01 02 02 01
2014 09 196 46 21.77 106.52 18 12 00 00 00 02
2013 16 708 175* 59.00 156.29 57 51 01 04 04 03
2012 15 733 128* 61.08 160.74 46 59 01 07 02 02
2011 12 608 107 67.55 183.13 57 44 02 03 03 02
2010 09 292 88 32.44 158.69 34 16 00 02 00 02
2009 07 171 44* 28.50 119.58 15 10 00 00 01 05
Total 142 4965 175* 39.72 148.96 405 357 06 31 16 29

Bowling performance in IPL:

Year M Bal Run W BBM Avg Eco SR
2021 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
2020 07 05 05 00 00 15 6.0 00
2019 13 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
2018 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
2017 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
2016 10 60 63 02 2/11 31.50 6.30 30.00
2015 14 12 15 00 00 00 7.50 00
2014 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
2013 16 24 40 03 2/5 13.33 10.00 8.00
2012 15 28 66 00 00 00 14.14 00
2011 12 216 244 08 3/21 30.50 6.77 27.00
2010 09 96 152 04 1/9 38.00 9.50 24.00
2009 07 113 144 01 1/21 144.00 7.64 113.0
Total 142 554 729 18 3/21 40.50 7.89 30.77

Achievements biography of Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle loves to play football and watch football matches, he is a big fan of Real Madrid Football Club and Cristiano Ronaldo is his favorite football player.

In September 2016 Chris Gayle have also published a book on his autobiography called 'Six Machine --- I Don't Like Cricket... I Love It', which is available for everyone in the open market and also online.

  • Chris Gayle is the first batsman in the world who scores centuries in all three formats of international cricket.
  • He has hit a total of 534 sixes in all formats of international cricket.
  • He is the first batsman to score a triple century in Tests, a double century in ODI cricket, and a century in T20 Internationals so far.
  • Chris Gayle is the cricketer to score the most 25 centuries for the West Indies in ODIs.
  • He scored the fastest double century in the cricket world against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup in just 138 balls.
  • He is the first player in world cricket to hit the boundaries in all 6 balls of an over of a test match.
  • He is the only player in the world to hit a six on the first ball of a Test match inning.
  • Chris Gayle is the first batsman to score over 10,000 runs in the world in the T20 format of cricket.
  • He hammered the highest individual score of 175 runs not out of 66 balls in the IPL against Pune Warriors India which has been scored by any opener in the world.
  • He has also established a T20 world record for the fastest century in 30 balls in IPL.
  • Chris Gayle is the only cricketer who scored more than 8 centuries in T20 format which includes two T20 International and six centuries in IPL, he also scored 99runs in an IPL inning two times.
  • He has scored the world's fastest ODI double century in just 138 balls against Zimbabwe in the 2015 World Cup.
  • He has hit a total of 534 sixes in all formats of international cricket so far.
  • He also holds the world record for the most 372-run partnership for any wicket in an ODI with Marlon Samuels.
  • Chris Gayle is the batsman who has the highest scored 791 runs in the history of the ICC Champions Trophy so far.
  • He is the first cricketer in the world to score a double century in the ICC World Cup.

In 2015, he started a sports academy witch named 'The Chris Gayle Academy' with the main objective is to provide a proper platform through his sports academy to highlight the talent of many talented children who are economically weak and can not bear the expenses of big platforms to perform their talent.

Biography of Chris Gayle

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