What are lies and why do people use it.

Lies are one of the trickiest exercises about human nature and are little or sometimes big lies created with the intention of misleading others, and may be innumerable reasons why people often resort to lies.

Any lies imply that whatever is said, mentioned, or action is with the intention of leading towards misleading or unethicality.

Factually the theoretical meaning of lies is an act that has concerned with the absence of truth.

Should never lie.

Actually, truth and lies are the natural properties of humankind and are ingrained in every human being, without these it is impossible to imagine the existence of any society and culture.

This is highly subjective and can vary from person to person, some things or events that seem comfortable to one person may be uncomfortable for others.

However, it is also important to understand that the degree of intensity of these events can vary under different circumstances.

What are lies and why do people use it:

It is quite absorbing to perceive why we lie and how it affects ourselves and others and is not always wrong or bad, as well as it is not always right or good because it absolutely depends on the circumstances, the intention, and the consequences.

  • To understand why people lie, please always keep in mind that it is a complex and nuanced topic with may not have a definitive answer because there may be innumerable reasons for people to lie, which can be distinct depending on the context of people and the consequences of telling the truth or lying, and this sort of exercise is often performed to form a favorable hypotheses of favorable or unfavorable circumstances.

Here I am sharing with you some common reasons for lying by people.


People may lie to avoid punishment, embarrassment, conflict, or losing something valuable. For example, a child may lie about not doing their homework to avoid getting scolded by their parents.


People may lie to protect others from harm, disappointment, or criticism. For example, a friend may lie about liking your new haircut to spare your feelings.


People may lie to gain an advantage, control, or influence over others. For example, a salesman may lie about the quality of their product to persuade you to buy it.


People, being jealous of the progress and prosperity of others, may lie and conspire to bring them down in their time of need.


People may lie to seek more attention, admiration, favoritism, or sympathy from others. For example, someone may lie about having a serious illness to receive more care and support.


People may lie to experiment with different scenarios or outcomes. For example, a child may lie about seeing a monster under their bed to see how their parents react.


People may lie repeatedly without a clear reason or purpose. For example, someone may lie about trivial things like what they ate for breakfast or where they went for a walk.

There can be various other reasons for lying which can have different impressions on both the person telling the lie and to the person being lied to.

Sometimes lying can be harmless or even beneficial to avoid hurting someone's feelings, to benefit someone, or to maintain social harmony.

When a lie is used intentionally with the intent to deceive, exploit, or harm someone, it can be harmful or even destructive. Lying can also damage a person's trust and credibility and make them feel guilty or anxious.

  • Lies are a very capacious term, its scope includes lying, misbehaving, cheating, corruption, theft, betrayal, backstabbing, dishonesty, forgery, or any unethical activities, etc. In fact, lies and truth are two integral parts of human life, without them, life cannot move smoothly, in other words, both are two different sides of the same coin.

In other words, if where there is truth there is no place for lies and exact vice versa.

Lying does only hurts and mourning to the people. the word lie is another name for demolishing people's faith and trust. It takes a quite long time for someone to establish faith and confidence in yours but lies break him in one fell swoop.

By following the path of lies, we can definitely obtain huge money, big names, and fame in quite a little span but in this way, we cannot get anyone's trust.

Listed below are some of the main categories of lies that people often most commonly use.


Some key factors of leading towards lies:

There are many factors that lead someone towards lies or choose some kind of unethical path in life instead of following the path of truth.

The main reason for someone to lies is to achieve the intended objectives by hook or by crook.

Generally, people are afraid of the consequences of the truth, this fear prevents them from the truth resultant in they are compromising with lies.

It is well known to all that in order to cover or protect one lie, thousands of other lies have to be created and then this becomes their habit by telling lies in everything.

Once you get used to the habit of lying then this habit sustained with you in the future also.

It keeps on terrifying our body and mind every moment that someday in the future our lies may come to the fore.

If some work is being done in life and the desired outcome is not obtaining in it, then people often get frustrated and tired and resort to lies or unethically to get their desired result.

Whereas in every situation, without losing hope and getting disappointed, everyone should keep trying with perseverance and determination and should not be giving up.

Should never lie.

Commonly prevalent lies in society can be described into three categories:

1st category:
In this category, such kinds of lies are included in which any kind of gains are rollout for ourselves or not, as well as there are no harm and losses to anyone else due to your actions.

2nd category:
This category includes such kinds of lies in which there are gains only for ourselves and there is no concern in any way about the gains and losses of anyone else due to his selfish actions.

3rd category:
In this category, such kinds of lies are included when anyone covering the truth in spite of having knowledge of the facts.

Lies of the 1st category:

The lies included in this category are completely contiguous as a part of our daily routine life and cannot move smoothly without such kinds of lies.

Like a businessman often tells various lies to sell his products.

When someone brags too high to prove himself glorious.

Solving purpose by providing some kind of wrong information to someone in which no one is harmed.

Providing some kinds of lies to superiors or family members to avoid getting down at home or workplace.

In school, college, students often telling lies to each other without any bad intention or telling lies for the betterment of their loved ones.

Lies of the 2nd category:

These types of lies only hurt and fabricate pain and losses to the people and kill the trust of the people which is called betrayal.

It takes a quite long time in life to make someone trusts in yourself, sometimes the whole life goes out but the lies destroy him in suddenly one stroke. By following the path of lies and immorality, we can definitely obtain wealth, big name, and fame in a short span, but in this way, we cannot be succeeded to get anyone's faith.

Wealth, prestige, and glory acquired by adopting unethical ways always bring with it some complex problems as well, as a result, it does not last long because its foundation is hollow.

Don't forget any lies can disturb and harass the truth for a while but they can't be defeated because the truth is very powerful and only it wins in every way.

Quick success and being high Ambitious:

Some people are often seen adopting shortcut methods to succeed quickly, whereas we are all well aware of the fact that success could be achieved by only a systematic step-by-step process.

There are many people who adopt unethical and wrong paths, such as lying, cheating, etc. and they become successful in a short span, the achievements thus achieved are not long-lasting and they are sure to decline after some time.

To be successful, we need to make continuous efforts with truth and work hard with patience.

In the present scenario, we can observe the example of political people and politicians, they play with their faith and sentiments by lying to the people for their self-interests.

Some political people make lies promises and assurances with the public to win the people's faith and as well as elections, but after winning the elections, they never even look back towards these people.

In the earlier times, such situations were not the same at all as the present scenario, the leaders of that time used to give consideration to the people and they also often tried to do what they said in promises. There were quite transparencies present in his words and actions.

Due to this, he used to get full cooperation and support from the public and people had full faith in their leaders and they were able to influence the public but nowadays the opposite of it happens.

Should never lie.Gif

Unexpected transformation in circumstances:

  • Sometimes suddenly we are forced to face such bad situations, which we are not capable to handle at that time, in that time instead of facing the situation firmly, we sometimes resort to lies or unethically but later, even after the situation becomes normal, we are not able to muster the courage to speak the truth and we just think at that time that it may happen that when the truth will be revealed, it could be quite harmful, humiliating, and hurting for us.

Lies in Interpersonal Relationships:

Sometimes it happens and maybe it is very frustrating when you favor someone you know is wrong and even worse when that person is your well-wisher. So, what can you do when they try to prove they are right but you know they are wrong?

We are bound by love, relations, or affinity with our parents, family members, relatives, well-wishers, friends, and society people, we trust each other and therefore we care about our relationships but lies and dishonesty in our relationships. destroys trust and confidence.

Sometimes due to lies in married life, the matter reaches towards the divorce. Because the relationship of marriage is based on love, trust, and faith, and lies can create a rift in this relationship. Once the faith and trust vanish, we can never trust anything or his words in the future, due to lying and dishonesty, their respect towards us is reduced or lost.

We have trust and faith in all the people who are related to us, that's because they also trust us and this trust arises within them because of our truth, lying to them will hurt them and it will always be for all of us is painful.

Lies of the 3rd category:

There are some people in society who tell lies very cleverly. They present their lies so well planned and confident that they appear to be true and then everyone believing that if the person is telling them so confidently so it can be true.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. ~ Joseph Goebbels.

  • A lie if repeated so confidently and passionately continuously umpteen times is believed to sound like the truth and everyone starts believing it, if we look carefully around ourselves most of the product advertisement makers, politicians, or selfish and cunning people take advantage of this natural weakness of humans, they keep on repeating his point of view so strongly that people are convinced that what he is saying is absolutely true.

Not revealing the truth despite having the knowledge of facts:

  • In the present scenario, most people looking at the circumstances around them and follow them according to the consensus, They do not have the capability to make their own decisions and do not want to make any justificatory decisions about the truth, lie, right and wrong.
  • The thinking of this kind of people would always be that we will react the same as everyone is doing, they do not even want to know whether the work they are doing is with the lies or truth, such kinds of acts are also covered under the categories of lies and unethical.
  • If someone forces his views on you in the name of consensus, then you should do not hesitate to show your dissent to them. If you think that you are right, then do not back down from your point of view under the pressure of others.
  • Later when your words prove to be true then people opposing you will turn in your favor, so always try to make sure that to call any lie a lie with firmness.
  • Everyone should think with a cool mind, why does any person need to put in so much effort to get his point across? Why does he have to adopt all kinds of tricks to get his point across?.
  • We live in a society where truth is above all and it should be. If something is repeated again and again without distinguishing between truth and falsehood just to get one's point of view, then it is not reasonable for a civilized society and humanity.
  • If you are performing the same acts, then you are producing a society where the difference between lies and truth will disappear and people will start being misled.
  • That is why it is important that instead of believing anything, always observe it very carefully in every way.

Should never lie.

Consequences of frequent lying:

  • Most of the liars and unethical people are occupied the majority in the present society. We all try to do it many times in our lives with people at home, school, workplace, parents, friends, or with our close ones.
  • It is very sad that there are very few honest and ethical people left in our surroundings because most of the people are forced many times to move towards the path of dishonesty or they themselves agreeing to move on the lies or unethical path according to the environment around them.
  • In the solicitation of getting power, money, power, and high position presents days people are attracting towards lies and dishonesty.
  • Various types of physical malfunction can also arise due to mental stress to the people who lie frequently, the bigger the lie and the bigger the detriment to health.
  • Lying hollows us out emotionally, To the liar, his lies are reflected like a piece of broken glass that is destroying him from within.
  • To achieve the desired objective by lying is the act of doubting one's own personality.
  • Lies often make things and situations sometimes destructive or complicated. Sometimes things become so complicated that it leading you, your family members, and your well-wishers towards huge troubles or complicated situations.
  • It has been said that by telling a lie beyond the limit, there is remorse in the mind of that person, as a result of which mental tension develops, due to which he starts living a lie, which is called a delusion.
  • The prosperity and progress of society and nation can never be expected from those who live with lies and dishonesty because those who are with lies and dishonesty in their words and deeds and when they are successful in their areas they will create a society that's full of lies and corruption and unethical activities.
  • The increasing of the liars and unethical people will further encourage corruption and injustice in the society and after seeing all this, the next young generation will be inspired and follow the path of lies and dishonesty instead of the path of truth and honesty by considering it justified and right.


We can never succeed in life by following the path of lies and dishonesty no matter how bitter the outcomes of living with the truth may be getting at that time, we should always follow the path of truth and honesty.

Whatever be the circumstances in life, there is always a need to face them with truth and ethically, because lies and unethical acts are never fruitful in the long run span.

The success achieved through lies and unethically may give you happiness and prosperity for a while, but this prosperity cannot be sustained for a long period or forever.

Although in the present scenario, various kinds of difficulties have to be faced in proceeding through the path of truth and honesty, in the end, tension-free and worry-free self-satisfaction is obtained, which is the most important and valuable.

With honesty, hard work, and perseverance, all the doors of success in life can be opened.

Hope you have got a satisfactory answer to what are lies and why do people use it. how did you like this article, kindly be sure to let us know your opinion by commenting in the comment box.

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