Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

A lot of research and time has been spent on the making of this article, everything I say during this article is backed by scientific studies.

As we all know that paper (Analog) reading is somehow good for us well at least that's what our parents and teachers have taught us.

What exactly are the scientifically proven benefits of reading books? 

According to one study, they actually found that 88% of all the millionaires they interviewed said they read 30 minutes or more each day on self-improvement stuff that's eager in the study he indeed concluded that reading was a key factor in their success.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

This is just one benefit out of many so if you want to know the rest of them then sit back relax and keep reading, By which your brain active, and engaged in comprehending different words characters and certain sentences in this article.

According to research brain-stimulating activities like reading, books, and writing will preserve and improve your memory.

One study discovered that people with good reading habits experienced a much slower memory loss than those who didn't read giving the brain and workout with a regular habit of reading will result in better brain health during older age.

The next benefit of reading is that a growing number of studies indicate that you get the chance to reading improves your brain power and literally change your mind to stay fit and have a healthy body.

You have to work out right exercise keeps us healthy by making our muscles stronger reading as a workout for our brains like going to the gym as a workout for our bodies when you read you're improving the function of your brain or rather said you're improving the brain's connectivity.

Boosts ability to judge others' mental state:

In one study participants were told to read a novel for nine days in the evening where author that was a five-day washout period where they didn't read so on those days where participants weren't reading the researchers found that that was a significant increase in connectivity the bilateral so much for sensory cortex.

I somewhat pronounce that right well anyways it was observed for long-term changes in connectivity which they found persisted for several days after reading are you feeling stressed at work or maybe you're having too many issues are right now then maybe you should start reading more often because reading reduces stress significantly.

well at least according to a study conducted at the University of Sussex the researchers were looking into how different activities were lowering stress by measuring heart rate and muscle tension.

According to the research, reading was the best way to relax just reading for ten minutes is enough to reduce stress by 68 percent this was a better way to relax than going for a walk which reduces tress by 42 percent or listening to music which reduced stress by 61 percent.

In a research conducted by the Howard Institute, people who read fiction/books, nonfiction or do not read anything at all, they found was that people who read fiction had a better ability to understand others mental state this is what scientists call a theory of mind which is the ability to understand that not all people have the same desires, intention, and beliefs.

It boosts your empathy and humbleness:

This also translates into having better empathy something to keep in mind is that reading literary fiction isn't going to improve your feeling straight and right away but research does show that long-term fiction readers do tend to have a better-developed theory of mind.

The reason for this is that when we meet characters in a fiction book who are maybe annoying unpredictable and difficult to understand it puts us in a situation where you might never have been before.

In that way, your theory of mind is improving since your experience new personalities and views of other individuals you might also be likely to approach people in real life which with interest and humbleness for dealing with complicated people.

Since you will have higher empathy and this all zeal down to you getting a higher emotional intelligence before we had the internet books were the ultimate source of knowledge but yet till this day a lot of great knowledge still stored only in books and there are many books for everyone.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

Books are including endless topics like science, self-help, history, craft art investing you name it the facts that remain to this day the more books you read the more information you consume the more you will store in your brain which translates into knowledge and the knowledge lays the foundation of wisdom.

I think we can all related to having the feeling of competition in whatever we are doing right now we want to be the best of what we're doing so we are trying to improve all the time by reading books, articles, and poems are trying to improve our creativity and behaviors.

Paper (Analog) reading can changes habits to change your lives:

Reading books to better understand and improve your abilities will increase your chances of staying ahead of your competition by providing new and accurate knowledge of the subject in a certain area.

Suppose a person is getting a job in a sales firm, then it is another boy. It just goes like he just wants to claim salary. I think we can all agree that the guy who is studying how to get better at sales will be better off with a higher probability than the other person.
Just some of the famous people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates also read a lot because they know that nearly every single problem they faced encountered has been created by someone else so reading is definitely associated with being highly successful for certainly. in fact, a book can change anyone's habits for change his life.
According to a 5-year study in a college say that 88% of rich people they devote 30 minutes or more each day to education or self-improvement through reading he indeed concluded that reading was a key factor in success.

Warren Buffett also said something like the best investment you can make it's in yourself as the saying goes the more you learn the more you earn reading improves your vocabulary. have you ever heard about the term the Matthew effect.

Two studies confirm this claim in one of the researchers found that students who read regularly gradually develop greater vocabularies which also influenced many other aspects of their lives from scores on tests to job opportunities in conclusion if you read more often and regularly you will with time develop a larger vocabulary.

Increases your emotional intelligence capacity:--

There is a reason that highly successful people spend most of their day reading, they also recommend reading 100 pages per day. that can also be paper (Analog) reading.

As you get older you may develop a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys your memory thinking skills and eventually the ability to perform the simplest tasks.

I'm talking about Alzheimer's disease did you know that more than 5 million Americans now have Alzheimer's disease and if scientists do not find any new approach with this disease, by 2050, the number of elderly people over 65 years of age with this disease is estimated to be up to 14 million.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

Although there isn't really a cure for this disease research shows that older people who read more and solve mathematical equations every day maintain and improve their cognitive functioning.

A study conducted by a Russian University Medical Center found that people who use mentally stimulating activities such as reading regularly throughout their lives were associated with a slower late-life cognitive decline such as Dementia though there are probably more benefits to reading.

It would be nice to do a little quick decision on what reading regularly in which you can obtain the benefits of reading books will improve your memory.

Studies have shown that reading improves brain power was also found in other studies that reading is one of the best to reduce stress-reducing it by 68% to be exact reading fiction stories will enhance your overall emotional intelligence which includes empathy critical thinking and make any important judgment.

How to read perfectly:

Another thing that improves is what scientists call a theory of mind which is the ability to understand other people's mental states like beliefs intense desires emotion and so on.

The Matthew effect is the idea that the richer get richer and the poor get poor which also is a concept that applies as much to vocabulary as a cloud of dust with money this means that the more or more you read, the larger and better your vocabulary will be and lastly

Knowing how to read really influences the brain's reaction. First, it makes organizing the visual zone of the cerebral cortex more complex.

Secondly, in the person who knows how to read, practically the entire network of neurons, which is responsible for the assimilation of oral language in the left hemisphere, is also activated with the help of printed text.

But it turns out that traditional reading has flaws: lack of attention and a flexible reading program, when all texts are read with the same slowness, movements of returning the eyes to what has already been read, and, of course, the enemy number 1- speak the read text to you. As a result, the information is not memorized, and the meaning of what is written escapes.

Daily modern man has to read dozens of pages of texts - not just fictional literature, but also information at work, press, work, and personal correspondence might be possible on paper (Analog) reading.

Therefore, the correct reading, first of all, implies the efficient assimilation of information. Different dynamic reading techniques teach not only how to read quickly, as many think, starting from the name, first of all, to understand the content of the text and assimilate it with usefulness for you.


The correct reading is brain gymnastics:

To achieve such efficient assimilation, training is required. Like Reading. But with a certain method.

First, by doing systematic exercises to expand the field of view, eliminating the pronunciation of words, and applying the essence of the reading algorithms. And not forgetting that this is not fun, but the complex way of restructuring the work of the brain.

One can train both in well-known fictional texts (by form, content, by the author) and in informative, newspaper, or scientific articles. The important thing is the desire to draw several ideas.

Before reading it is necessary to have an idea of ​​what information you want to extract from the text, try to guess the content of the page.

The layout is very important because if you prepare to notice the roughness of the text, as a result, you will notice it exactly. But if you are preparing to obtain a fact, you will receive it.

learn to read in silence mode:

The next important step is to learn to read in silence, not speaking the text with your mouth or thought.

This ability diverts attention and slows down considerably. Here it is important to control yourself if your lips move, squeeze with a toothpick or pencil. It is more difficult to control the pronunciation in thought. One method is to read and beat the rhythm with your hand, for example.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

The ability to focus on the problem is one component of successful intellectual work. There is a simple exercise that can help, it is reading the words backward, but not out loud but in thought. Reading the word backward, one must first imagine it in letters and then read it.

If at that moment the conscience casually gets distracted by something else, it is necessary to do the exercise again. At the same time, attention is also trained. In order not to waste time in vain, this exercise game can be performed on public transport.

They often compare the method of dynamic reading with sport, only here the muscles are not developed but the brain. Research has proven that those who master dynamic reading have faster nervous processes, faster reflexes. So don't be afraid to learn dynamic reading this is useful.

The Future of Reading:

Items such as books, magazines, or newspapers are called paper (analog) readings.

We have seen a reinvention of the human body as a means of communication. the magazine that the reader has in his hands is a "device" or "object", as they say now.

The page the reader is looking at is a "screen", an "interface", you can say anything, after all. In these times of dense expanding digital ecosphere, we are reconsidering what we think about technology and its relationship with the world of words.

These are particular cases of tangible and traditional supports that support this activity that we call reading. Because, by chance, a paper book does not turn off when it is not plugged in. It is not dependent on electricity.

These are the advantages of having access to content in the form of a classic book. However, in order to produce a book, it required a lot of technology to be channeled into its manufacturing process. A printed book, therefore, has built-in energy.

The paper (Analog) readings objects is a window where the signs that transmit the information are stamped:

A printed sheet is a surface on which our eyes slide and which our fingers touch. The words stamped on this thin slice of matter are static and their position on the page is immovable.

However, perhaps because they are inexorably fixed and stuck on pages, one after the other in a pre-determined order, perhaps that is why words have had so great a capacity to free the mind in directions of images and meanings so often unimagined by the authors themselves.

The published object is a mediator between the author and the reader:

Amazon started out as an electronic paper bookstore and now sees its ebook sales exploding all over the world. Interestingly too, Amazon sells these books preferably for the Kindle.

In the era of digital production, books are not so much written by hand:

they are typed into screens. In the era of digital reproduction, books are not so much manufactured: they are replicated (duplicated by “copy & paste”, “download”, etc.) and appear on screens (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.). writing mode and reading models.

But activities “around” also change, such as the book industry, the bookstore business, the functions of libraries, etc.

Advantages of paper (Analog) readings:

  • Choose the book according to your reading level and get started. You read a physical analog book instead of an e-book, the improvement will be quick because when you pick up a printed book, you feel its weight and page quality, it activates your prefrontal cortex.
  • Due to which your short-term memory increases capacity. That is, your memory for any kind of information increases and you will remember it for a long time.
  • To read All items like books, magazines, Student's Answer sheets, or newspapers are called paper (analog) reading.
  • In one study researchers found that the people who read more regularly throughout their lives were associated with a slower at late-life cognitive decline such as dementia etc.
  • Reading or rereading you is always a happy operation: things are discovered, the knowledge of discoveries is improved. if any letter's paper is become yellowed by time (After hundreds of years), but we can read it all wherever we are.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading.

  • Digital reading is not suitable for every student to study because it is not possible everywhere, it's depending on the availability of electric power wherever it is, if there is no power then it cannot be reading in that place.
  • Paper (Analog) reading is fit for practicals in some environments, such as on a tour, camping trip, or while trying to learn about adventure while hiking through a forest, mountain, or when outdoors during extreme weather conditions.
  • Its biggest advantage is that it does not cause any physical harm, especially to the eyes, because there are no electrical or electronic rays are emitted due to paper (Analog) reading.
  • If the mind is completely focused on reading, by practicing concentration on readings you can also memorize very quickly what you have read,  students of today are very rare to read books, almost everything is reading through the online gadgets, but during the study on gadgets, various types of notifications and popups appear in between.
  • Sometimes while studying through online gadgets, many notifications and popups are appears that obstruct the study but when you read the book, there is nothing that happens, you often have seen our elders read a book, then you feel that they are lost in it.

Some useful common benefits:

  • Digital reading objects maybe not instantly available when it is desperately needed, such as a first-aid book. it may expire if a renewal or subscription fee is not paid.
  • Apart from this, if there is no availability of the internet for any reason. then only paper (Analog) reading objects can be available there.
  • Not all types of books and text materials are available for digital readings.
  • Apart from this, it is also inexpensive because if you bought once, anyone can read it free of cost in the future, even your son can read your school books for free.
  • Digital reading objects require a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile to access them, which are very expensive.
  • Paper (Analog) reading objects have resale value, such as books, magazines, student's answer books, or newspapers that can be sold if you desired.

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