Are unethical acts essential for success?

In the context of the present scenario, it is almost impossible to imagine living without the material amenities available.

The recognition of any person in society is in all respects based on the performance of their success and achievements.

It is a well-known fact that success and money are the main factors for pursuing a life with amenities.

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To become a successful person you not only require an ideal ideology, truthfulness, ethics, and perfect skills, but you also need to follow all the characteristics of a successful person.

"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. —  Swami Vivekananda.

To achieve success in any scope of life, it is always necessary to set targeted objectives, and even more important is to make strategies to accomplish the objectives. In fact, this strategy determines whether to achieve the targeted objectives ethically or unethically.

Every single person in the world thinks about or tries to achieve his success without betrayal and cheating on anyone or doing any unethical acts.

Can it actually be possible to achieve success on the practical level without doing any unethical acts?

In the present scenario, we will find that there are many different types of articles and videos are available on the internet about how to achieve success, some of the motivational speeches also say that the only way to achieve success is to simply imbibe success. If you think at which cost ​​they are getting success, then you will never be able to succeed, so if you want to be successful in life then never worry about how you are getting it.

In reality, on the journey towards success, at any point or any situation, some obstacles which are denoting humanity, principles, and ethicality are definitely had to be faced.

Success and its circumference ​are different for every person i.e. every person's point of view is different for every task and every person looks at it from the perspective of the circumstances available to him. 

Although different people have different points of view in terms of being a successful person in life, Some people consider success in life only by the dimensions of related to the only money matters. On the other hand, some people consider all the dimensions of success in life only for the betterment of themselves and their family, for which they do not desist from harming their friends, relatives, or those who know them by using them for the benefit of themselves or their family. They do not differentiate between ethical or unethical and right or wrong in order to accomplish it. — Author.

So at the same time, some people have don't contain any space in their life for the issue of ethical or unethical and right or wrong, they always determine to obtain success according to the prevailing environment and circumstances for their snippet of the cake and butter in life.

Image - Thali ka Baigan, थाली का बैंगन.

Such kinds of people, whatever it will be a thing, a person, or any work they consider to be a perfect one but when the ambiance and circumstances are changed then they begin to consider it inappropriate and vice versa.

In the present scenario, the number of these kinds of people is in an abundance of majority and such people achieve the desired success quite quickly in life.

While some people consider success in life only from the dimensions of an ideal idealogy and ethicality and they don't have any space for unfairness and unethicality in their life under any circumstances for which they sometimes have to face dire consequences.

It does not matter whether he is male or female, rich or poor or what is his status, Every person wants to achieve success in his work and keeps trying and working hard according to the resources and ability available to him.

Also, there is does not matter what is his work area or which type of work he is doing and every person wants to achieve success by mastering that field, that is, everyone who works in any field wants to do something big towards achieving his objectives.

But according to the practical ground realities, the biggest problem arises when anyone does not succeed to achieve their determined desired objectives despite honesty, dedication, and hard-working, as a result, starts moving towards disappointments, and after some time span, when he gets frustrated then he gives up trying to be successful, or he gets attracted towards unethicality to achieve desired success.

However, it is a different matter of fact that even if anyone works towards unethicality to achieve success, there is no certainty of achieving success.

Main factors for not achieving success:

Although there can be many reasons for failure in life, according to my experience these four reasons are mainly responsible.

  • 1. Lack of well-planned time-bound project to achieve the target, tendency to procrastinate, acted only when there was a desire to do so.
  • 2. Not having any command over himself like unplanned routine, eating at will, roaming freely, spending at will, etc.
  • 3. Lack of dedication and loyalty to work towards achieving the targeted objectives.
  • 4. Due to lack of ethicality is intentionally behaving unethically with other people or knowing that something is harming others and benefiting themselves, so they keep on deceiving others.
  • 5. If you have surrounded by the majority of scanty standard people who are always conspiring to bring you down behind your back or keep discouraging you. 
  • 6. Due to the lateness in obtaining the required success, get distracted and give up in a quite short span.
  • 7. Lack of comprehensive information related to the project/work to be done. 
  • 8. If you have focused on the outcome of your targeted project rather than its impeccant progress and waste too much precious time on unnecessary tasks.
  • 9. Getting caught into the trap of any sort of targeted conspiracy by someone. 
  • 10.You are not able to keep your network, business activities, and social circle elaborate quite enough or are not able to exploit that appropriately. 

What is the main thing that stops us from achieving our well-planned goal or objective in spite of hard work with honesty and dedication? Why does this happen?

According to my point of view, a good and ethical person and a successful person are two different things? If it does not happen in any case or anywhere, then it will be considered as a part of the rare of rare categories.

In fact, ethicality determines which kind of practical code of conduct is socially permissible for anyone's activities towards others.

And according to this ethical social code of conduct, everyone should always try to achieve success in their life.

Image - Never do unethical acts for success.

My way of consideration towards this matter, to achieve success in life, any work can be done in two ways.

  • 1. To achieve success by unethical acts.
  • 2. To achieve success by ethical acts.

Now there is a need to understand is that which types of activities are classified separately as ethical or as unethical.

Ethical activities:

There is a lot of confusion regarding the Hindi version of Ethics. Some people call it in Hindi "नैतिकता" and some people call it in Hindi "नीतिशास्त्र" Actually, both of them have different importance in different situations.

Ethicality has a direct concern with religion, work, relations, salvation, mercy, charity, forgiveness, wealth, character, justice, benevolence, that is, if ethicality is included in life then all these values ​​of life can be executed without any complexities.

Ethicality is actually a cluster of accepted rules, laws, and customs in a society or situation that regularize the actions performed by anyone for the socio public welfare.

"Ethical" is a broad meaning 'word' which is generally defined as their acts according to the place and condition of any individual, group, business, corporate, social, religion, art, sport, or trust, etc.

It is said and believed that any society without ethics is like a wild-life and the people living in it are like a wild beast of that society.

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world. — Albert Camus.
Since the human being is a social creature and we need the cooperation of each other to live without any obstacles and if our conduct is always ethical, then there are maintains always a cordial relationship with all the acquaintances and relatives.

It also needs to be understood here that some acts are ethical while being unethical and vice versa. Just as a doctor gives proper treatment to a very bad or criminal injured person, here the ethical act of the doctor is to treat him and not to see what kind of person the injured person is.

Similarly, it is an ethical act of a lawyer to render services for his client, no matter how terrible a criminal he may be.

Unethical activities:

Unethical activities carried out anywhere refer to actions that do not conform to the legal or socially acceptable standards for that place or work.

In general, the execution of any unethical acts by someone often has negative consequences for the social environment of the people. 

Unethical activities are always equipped with two types of components.

1. There are not be any negative effects on anyone else due to the unethical acts done by anyone.

2. There are various negative impacts on others due to unethical activities are done by anyone.

The primary causes of the origin of one's being unethical:

  • 1. To change the lifestyle at any cost due to not being satisfied with the resources, economic conditions, or circumstances being faced at that time.
  • 2. Deficiency of some of these or all disciplines like determination, tolerance, sympathy, sacrifice, sacraments, or patience.  
  • 3. Some kind of pressure or deterioration of character due to compulsion. 
  • 4. A profound inadequacy of the ability to understand the impact of his/her campaign on the lives of others. 
  • 5. Lack of ability to make ethical, reasonable, rational decisions in any specific situation.

Some traders employ child laborers at their business for their additional profit or pay wages or salaries to their workers or employees less than the prescribed norms.

Some businessmen make huge profits by taking advantage of technical loopholes in the tax code by violating the law by wrongly avoiding the payment of appropriate taxes.

Some people compromise everyone's health and prosperity by releasing toxic substances into the water or air in the untreated form or in excess of the limits allowed by the law to dispose of hazardous waste used in their business.

For example, if a person 'A' is jealous of person 'B''s good image, acceptance, or reputation in society, then he starts defaming person 'B' by carrying out various kinds of behind-the-scenes conspiracies so to make a difference in society so that destroy the person 'B''s image and reputation, and at the simultaneously, the image and prestige of person 'A' can increase in society.

The second example, if a trader 'A' is incurring a loss in business due to trader 'B'  then the trader 'A' ruins the business of trader 'B' under some kind of conspiracies and does not allow any loss of even a single penny in his business, because of he does not have any kind of sympathy towards the 'B' trader. 

Why did he do that, he does such this kind of unethical act because he has no sympathy towards the person 'B', have only concerned with his own success.

There is no doubt that politicians or political people can often be seen openly doing unethical acts, perhaps for this reason their career span is not sustainable or longer.

Some people do not hesitate to do any unethical activities to accomplish their objectives, goals, and various kinds of other things...

1. To achieve success by unethical acts.

It feels very awkward to say something about such acts and some people may even take exception to consider it in the unethical category because according to some people in the present environment it is a simple natural process of life and there is nothing wrong with it.

Every person has aspirations and tries to earn more and more money. In such a situation, some people do not even hesitate to do any unethical, illegal, or antisocial acts to get success.

Such kinds of people who have to employ some kind of 'strategy' to achieve success in their life, either have an ideology of achieving success in every condition or an 'achieving his objectives in a short span mentality.

Perhaps there is an unfavorable level of 'Craving' within them and they have little room to sympathize or anxiety about anyone because they have such a mentality in which they always try to achieve their objectives in any manners or circumstances.

Image - Never do unethical acts for success.

2. To achieve success by ethical acts.

There are such kind of people counts under this category who thinks about being a good human in life as their genuine practical success, they do not give up on honesty, humanity, and ethicality even in most difficult times to achieve success, even if they have to remains unsuccessful many times.

Due to ethical work, the pace of achieving success can be a little sluggish for a person, sometimes it is also not achieved because any person with ethics handled his employees and colleagues in accordance with the rules and without doing "adopting" any unethical activities.

That is why it has been said that if we go ahead with the goal of eternity for any work, then somewhere a good human being can be created for society. For this construction, it is necessary for the person to have powerful self-confidence, for which he must be endowed with a powerful inner and ideological power.

Discipline, satisfaction, and patience are the only ways to become a good person. One who moves ahead in a life bound by honesty, ethicality, and discipline experiences a kind of fearless supernatural power.

However, in order to become a good person, anyone does not have to fulfill any kind of prescribed qualifications or conditions. Yet, as simple as this work seems, it is much more difficult than it actually is, many times it has to be maintained in life even after taking terrible losses at the business, personal, or family level. Which demands a lot of patience, discipline, and the courage to face the loss of losing a lot.

It is often advised to be nice. Particularly, we should be more careful in being good when success is likely to come on the condition of being unethical.

Achieving money, power, and success without becoming an ethicist person is not a very difficult task, as much as maintaining the qualities of an ethicist person. Therefore, along with success, the success that a person gets while being committed to goodness is always more long-lasting and advantageous.

Comparison of being ethical and unethical acts:

If you consent with us then the question will arise that which kind of creature is better and more useful for our lives and society?

If it is compared comparatively, the facts that come out prove that goodness is always more useful than success.

Under any circumstance, there may be a possibility of delay in succeeding by following the path of goodness and ethicality, but it can certainly inspire everyone around us to move ahead in life with harmony and success.

Since the achievements and works done by any successful person are limited to him/her and his loved ones and belongs to only on the personal level of life.

Whereas the most important thing is that the achievements of a good person in life are always a factor in the welfare and betterment of the society and remain in everyone's memory for a long span and the scope of his works goes beyond the personal level in life.

Although the achievements are fundamentally only beneficial for a successful person only, whereas the work of a good person is beyond selfishness.


But it is a different matter that in the present scenario success is getting more recognition than goodness. Expectations of observance of inherited morals and values ​​of life have become getting blurry in society

To achieve success in life, anyone should never resort to unethical acts because the success achieved by any unethical way reacts as a slow poison in life that causes worries, stresses, and the lack of true satisfaction in life and unknown fear always haunts the person.

Unethically acquired success brings one or the other day along with it various kinds of complications and evils. Therefore we should not do any unethical acts to achieve success in life because it should never be forgotten that the crop for which the seed is sown, the same crop is harvested when the time comes.

In the end, my personal opinion is that any work should always be done ethically, even though various problems and delays have to be faced in getting success in it, but the success achieved by it is true, sustainable, worry-free, and advantageous for the long term.

Thank you very much for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it and learned something, whether you agree or disagree with the points and issues i have mentioned in this article, I would like to know your views and opinions regarding this topic. If you have any queries or suggestions related to future articles share your opinion and experiences with us and others, we always appreciate and welcome your guidance and feedback. Kindly feel free to share your precious suggestions and comments with us and others here below....

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