What is search engine optimization.

Nowadays, there are more than 4.8 billion internet users in the whole world, so most people or firms want to use the internet platform to do online marketing, to bring their products first in the results of the search conducted by people, one of the main elements of Internet marketing is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We will discuss here in Circumstantially in this article that what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, so enjoy it.

Search Engine is a computer program that is designed to search for files stored in www, FTP services, mailing list publications, or newsgroups in one or a number of server computers on a network

What is search engine optimization

Search engines are special types of tools that search and collect information from different types of available documents.

The information that is targeted for search can be found in various file types such as pages websites, images, or other types of files.

Few search engines in the world are also well known to collect your pieces of information on data stored in their own database or web directory.

What Are The main Benefits Of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to have an effect on  the level of visibility of a website or a web page in natural search results commonly also called search non-paid, non-advertisement, Or any organic search made by a search engine.

The term in our own words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To making out any process of certain activities on your website or web pages so that when internet any users search for something related to the contents of your website or web page, is displayed on page 1 of the list of natural / non-paid / non-advertisement / that is called organic search results.

Illustration of What SEO Is:

For example, you have a  European travel website and tour called https://www.theindia24.com. On the website, there are Germany, France, Italy, and European tour packages for 2020  that you market. So by doing SEO or search engine optimization that is good and right.

When someone is looking for Germany, for 2020, or European tour packages that are available in 2020 (with the help of a web search engine for example on Google), your website will be on the first page of the list search engine search results. The better content the ranking on the first page.

After your site is successfully SEOed, what the screen looks like when internet users type Germany 2020 in the Google search engine.

That's an illustration of SEO activities that are right on target. Your site will be easily found by potential consumers of your products, services, company information, your organization, or anything that you will offer to the audience/internet users who need it (your target market).


What is search engine optimization.

Germany 2020 and European tour 2020 typed by internet users in search engines as illustrated above are referred to as " keywords " or " keywords ( abbreviated as KW) ".

Remember the following synonymous terms:

  • SEO search results = natural search results = non-paid search results = non-advertisement search results = organic search results
  • Non-SEO search results = unnatural search results = paid search results = advertising search results = non-organic search results
  • So SEO is always natural/organic, unpaid, non-advertising.
  • Non-SEO is always ... (please try and answer)

From the picture, it can be seen that the non-SEO search results are marked with the advertisement.

What is search engine optimization.

SEO Search Results V/S Non-SEO Search Results:

If you re-refer to the image of the search results before, the following is an overview of how to distinguish SEO and non-SEO search results.

The advantages and disadvantages of non-SEO and SEO, we can draw the conclusion that SEO search results are the main search results and non-SEO search results are additional or temporary search results.

Because of this main search result, search engines get a lot of extra income. That is from the business side.

But that does not mean non-SEO search results have no value at all. If you can optimize both non-SEO and SEO very well, then it will be better than just using one of them. Because each of them complements each other.


Non-SEO search results are usually used by new websites so they can quickly market their products or services for profit while continuing to optimize the website on SEO.

Why is SEO called natural or organic?

Because SEO is a process that grows and develops. Starting with a website that you just registered a domain and hosting. Sites that are not popular, do not have any position in internet search results.

But if the website is well optimized, the website will grow bigger, more popular, have a good position in search results, and meet the objectives of the site owner.

In contrast to non-SEO or non-organic which is instant. There are many search results that include Google's money.

But it must be kept in mind that non-SEO and SEO have their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can choose one, or even both, according to your needs.

If you like raising animals such as dogs, then you understand the meaning of natural or organic. Likewise, mothers who like shopping for chicken at the market.

There are organic chicken and non-organic chicken available in the markets.

Mistaken "Non-Organic SEO"

After understanding what SEO and non-SEO are, then you know that there is no such thing as "non-organic SEO" because SEO itself is a natural/organic process, the results of the SEO process for a website are in the form of organic search results.

The non-organic search results that appear at the top or right side of the first page of Google are due to non-SEO optimization (paid advertising), not search engine optimization (SEO).

If SEO is always organic ( SEO = organic ), then non-organic must be non-SEO ( non-organic = non-SEO )

so there is no "non-organic SEO".

Other Meanings of SEO:

In the SEO community, in addition to meaningful Search Engine Optimization, SEO can also be interpreted as Search Engine Optimizer, which is a person who performs search engine optimization. So SEO here is a profession.

If you are an SEO practitioner, then if someone from abroad asks your profession "What are you?",  You can answer them: "I am an SEO." Search engine optimizer means a person whose profession is search engine optimization for a web search.

In addition to professions, SEO can also be used to describe positions or other nouns, which means "related to SEO", For example "We are an SEO consultant", "she is the Manager at SEO firm", or"that is an SEO book writer."

So if you are going to have a career in SEO either personally or professionally, nationally or internationally, or want to have your own SEO company, then you are not too good at communicating about SEO with foreign people.

Summary of SEO Definitions:

Here's a summary of the magic words you'll find during your time in the world of SEO:

  • SEO  is search engine optimization or the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation.
  • A keyword is a term that is typed by Internet users to search for any topic in the search engines.
  • A key phrase (or key phrase) is a phrase (several words) that is typed by internet users in a search engine.
  • Although different meanings, key phrases are often referred to as keywords.
  • SERP is a search engine result page that is the search engine results page.

By understanding what SEO is, the terms and terminology, and the SEO definitions above, then you can create a free definition of what SEO is, while still remembering and understanding SEO definitions in general for example from English Wikipedia.

One definition of what SEO is freely for example, all the effort required for a website or a web page can appear on the SERP for each targeted keyword.

What is the Purpose of SEO?

If you have done a search engine optimization of your site like the illustration https://www.theindia24.com/  above, then of course there will be more clicks (or visits) from internet users to your site, compared to if your site does not appear on page 1 of search results of a search engine.

The frequency or intensity of clicks or traffic of internet users to search results from search engines.

Note that the majority of user clicks will be mostly on the top half of the page ( upper fold ), which is the part of the page that is directly visible to the user without having to scroll or click to see the bottom half of the page.

Once you understand the definition of SEO  if we complete our knowledge of SEO with the definition of SEO in Wikipedia, then you will be able to immediately understand the purpose and benefits of SEO.

What is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a series of processes carried out systematically targeted for increasing the volume and quality of traffic to visit through a search engine to a particular website by using the mechanism of action or the search engine's algorithm.

From the definition of what is SEO on English Wikipedia, then we can conclude that the objectives of SEO are divided into two, namely the Basic Purpose of SEO and the Main Purpose of SEO.


1. Basic Objectives of SEO:

  • Basic SEO objectives related to the position or ranking/ranking that is to improve the position/ranking of your website or web pages on search engine results pages (SERP).


  • Achieving the best ranking is sought by making the contents of websites and web pages relevant, unique, and quality and by increasing the popularity of your site and web pages.


  • By getting recommendations in the form of links are also quality from web sites outside that is relevant, unique but in the relevant field to your website, coming from contextual, quality pages.

2. The Main Purpose of SEO:


  • While the main purpose of SEO, which we can see and capture from the definition of what is SEO on Wikipedia, is related to traffic, which is focused on increasing traffic.
  • And this is the main goal that will be achieved when the basic objectives of SEO  have been achieved.

The main SEO objectives are the following:


Expanding your reach to Internet users through search engines.


So that as many visitors come to our site by being the most clicked ( that is, in the half of the page above / upper fold, better still be numbers 1-3 in the SERP).As much as possible these visitors have targeted visitors according to the keywords you will choose so that the traffic/traffic of visitors/visits that come are indeed in need and are looking for anything you have to offer on your site. This creates quality traffic to your site).


Maintaining Both Types of Traffic Above Ongoing.


As you understand, with the right keyword research and a good SEO process, good search ranking is achieved, then the three main SEO objectives above will be easily achieved soon.

If your SEO goals target are achieved, from these ultimate goals and main objectives, then you can be guarantee there will be a lot of targeted traffic comes to the web page, website, or any other online platform which you are optimizing for the search engines.

 The maximum targeted traffic and the potential to achieve the objectives or the ultimate aim of your website will be higher.

What are the Benefits of search engine optimization SEO?


Now, after you know the advantages of SEO from the previous table in this article, 1 basic SEO goals, and 3 main SEO goals, the benefits of SEO are positive factors that occur after the achievement of these SEO goals: micro-conversion and finally macro conversion.


Conversion is acceptance, approval, support, or any positive changes to internet visitors to all elements on your website, which in turn they become part of your community members, participants, or consumers.


These are the Main Benefits of search engine optimization  SEO.


1.General Conversion


  • Increasing the popularity and authority of your website so that it is easily accessible to potential audiences, information users, or consumers of the products/services you are targeting.


  • Increased authority, brand, and consumer or community trust in your company, professional, or personal, so that your site becomes a reference or reference in its field (provided that your site has unique, good, and authorized content).


2.Primary Conversion


  • As a result of the general conversion above, there will be micro-conversions such as the return of visitors to your site, a relatively longer visit time, and other interactions that state a positive assessment of site visitors to your website.2. As a result of micro-conversions above, the level of achievement of your website's main objectives will also increase.


  • This is what is called a macro conversion: for example an increase in sales transactions if your site is categorized as a commercial site such as an online shop or travel agent, an increase in the number of daily visitors.
  • If your site is a news site, an increase in the number of subscribers to the latest articles if your site is a related product information site or certain fields, and so on.

Conversion formula:


Conversion from visitor traffic can be attempted with a conversion formula ( conversion formula ) including by providing certain components on your websites such as an online registration form.


Sentences that call for an action (call-to-action or CTA) or button- buttons like "Buy Now" or "Register Now" that relate to meeting your site's objectives, and the likes.


A different special field of study that studies how to increase conversion rates is conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Here is a list of some of the best search engines in the world:


1. Google.

What is search engine optimization.

Website: https://www.google.com/


  • Google is the best search engine with the fastest access time and lightweight page loads. In the world of the web, Google still occupies the position of the king in the category of "search engine".


  • Google is the most renowned and common search engine in cyberspace to web search for the desired pieces of information, it can be a search of any website addresses, images, files, or find out websites, topics, and many more.


  • Google Is a United States giant web company, which founded by the University of Michigan two alumni, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


  • Only by typing the keywords that we will search for, then Google will automatically provide answers that we are to ask everything that we require.


2. Yahoo. 

What is search engine optimization.

 Website: https://yahoo.com/


  • Yahoo is the No two largest search engine after Google search engine. Yahoo It is a multinational company based in Sunnyvale, California, United States? Yahoo Inc. founded by two famous big men Jerry Yang and David Filo.


  • Yahoo Search provides a free email facility, which allows users to search for various categories such as websites, images, news, videos, and audio.


  • These search engines always display words that are similar to the keywords that are being searched for.


3. Bing


 Website: https://www.bing.com/


  • The Bing search engine is an excellent product from Microsoft. Bing is a form of regeneration by Microsoft of the three previous production search engines including Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search, And now Microsoft edge search engine.


  • Bing has a new different technology that is supposed to be able to provide more accurate search results because it uses Power Set technology.


  • Bing basically classifies its searches into four categories, first namely: search of web pages or websites, second search for images, third is search for news, and fourth is searching for who and what is most requisition after by Bing users.



What is search engine optimization.



  • Baidu was launched in 2000 and is now the leading search engine in China for browsing. With its market share growing rapidly, Baidu delivers billions of search queries a day. It currently ranks No. 4 in the Alexa rankings.


  • Baidu now has a number of services, including a Chinese browsing search engine and a mapping service called Baidu Maps.


  • Baidu offers a number of search and community services, including Baidu Beek (online encyclopedia), Baidu WangPan (cloud storage service), and Baidu Taiba (keyword-based forum).


  • Although Baidu is available worldwide, it is only available in the Chinese language.



What is search engine optimization.



  • Yandex offers over 70 services in total including travel, search and information services, eCommerce, shipping line, mobile apps, and online advertising.


  • The company’s founders and maximum team persons are based in Russia. Yandex is Russia's biggest technology and transportation company and the largest online search engine in Russian, with a market share of approximately 52%. The official homepage of Yandex.ru is Russia's very popular website.


  • In Google, crawling bot indexing new pages more rapidly, This means when you publish new URLs, add a significant piece of indexable content with its own URL to your website.


  • Yandex’s indexing seems to be at a much slower pace. When optimizing for Yandex, make sure you allow for much more time to see results on particular indexing activities.


6. DuckDuckGo


What is search engine optimization.



  • According to DuckDuckGo traffic statistics, they conduct millions of searches per day, but their overall market share is still very low (less than 0.5%).


  • Many people think that DuckDuckGo does not have its own search index database, but they can create their own search results using various resources. In other words, they do not have their own database but rely on other sources (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others) to answer users' queries.


  • DuckDuckGo has a larger scope than Google, which has a set of algorithms for determining the best results from all the websites available on the Internet.
  • On the other hand, DuckDuck has a clean interface that does not track users and is not completely full of ads.


7. Ask


What is search engine optimization.

Website: https://www.ask.com/


  • Ask.com is one of the most popular search engines.


  • Ask.com is also one of the very popular in search engines.


  • Ask.com was founded in 1996 by Garret Gruener and David Warthen. it was originally named Ask Jeeves, Jeeves is the name of a servant whose job is to get answers to every question given.
  • Therefore Ask.com can be interpreted as a search engine that allows users to get answers to each question.
  • Ask.com also has a Q&A Community feature whose function is very similar to Yahoo Answers.


8. MSN


What is search engine optimization.

Website: https://www.msn.com/


  • This search engine was created by Microsoft which consists of engines, indexes, and web crawlers.
  •  MSN is a service whose results are managed by Looksmart. MSN offers search both by keyword and directory.


  • This search engine provides search maps, yellow pages, white pages, job search, home and is able to search videos, music, images, news, and various special file formats.





After the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) are felt, the turn of the coveted profit arrives. As above, if your site has a commercial category such as an online store, then material gains in the form of profit or revenue will be obtained.


If your site is linked to foundations and free social or educational activities for those who are unable or remote in areas without physical schools, then the moral benefit will be the achievement of these SEO benefits.


So the benefits to be gained from SEO are moral benefits and/or material benefits, according to the main objectives of your website.

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