Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.

Ants are  Fearful of acid or chemical, Mosquitoes are reluctant of spicy smell, Cockroaches, and Lizards are unwilling of the odor.

In the following, I will provide you with a magical method that can drive away from home Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches without killing.

Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.

Ants are afraid of the sour taste:

Within a few minutes of the sweets at home, the army of ants attacked immediately, making people angry and tired, and dedicated to you a non-toxic, pollution-free, safe and effective coup:

Whole fresh lemon, cut in half, where you can see the ants and its movement line, squeeze out the lemon juice and hold the side with the pulp cut in half, smear along the way, the magic effect allows you to verify the big one again The wonder of nature.

Mosquitoes are afraid of spiciness:

The garlic bud is planted around the room and its typical spicy fragrance is faintly scattered. With the smell of garlic buds, the fierce mosquitoes will go, and even the oversized mosquitoes that will appear after the rain they will also have disappeared.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning the environment, Eliminating any type of storage water.

Removing dead branches, and rotten leaves from plants. trying to plant Garlic plants is definitely the best policy to eliminate mosquitos.

Cockroaches are afraid of fragrance:

The Cockroaches, who appear to be frequently, most likely to hide in the kitchen,  which controls our family member's nourishment. Cockroaches cannot be killed or caught easily but can thus be easily eliminated.

Cut a piece of bath soap into small pieces, put it in a container and fill it with fresh water, and put it in a cabinet where cockroaches are infested. Within a few days, opening the cabinet will surprise you with the disappearance of the cockroaches.

There are more in the cabinet. Pleasant fragrance. To continue the effect, you only need to replenish the water in the soap container regularly.

Lizards are afraid of some types of smell:


By using eggshells: 

Lizards clearly hate the odor of eggs. So, you don’t throw away the eggshells after using the egg for cooking works. rather than, put these eggs shells by keeping them around the house, especially above the windows and doors. This method will definitely drive away lizards.

Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.


By using Naphthalene balls:

Lizards hate naphthalene balls a lot, because of its strong irritating odor. So, you can obviously place naphthalene balls in your Almirah, cupboards, wardrobe, and cabinets. because of which smell will move around within the entire house and Drive out from the house the lizards.

You will not get the smell of the naphthalene ball when putting inside the Almirah, but the lizards would undoubtedly get the smell and the lizards will go out of your house.

No need to kill mosquitoes:


  • Soak a few capsules of vitamin C and vitamin B2 in the water, and apply the potion on the skin, it will produce an odor that mosquitoes dare not approach.

  • Hang orange curtains indoors or cover orange cellophane on the lampshades. Because mosquitoes are scared of orange, red and violet light, they can  induce a good mosquito repellent impact for them

  • Hang a bunch of green onions under the lamp, or wrap a few green onions with gauze, and all kinds of mosquitoes will not fly; or put a pot or two of jasmine, Milan, roses, tuberose and other flowers in the room, you can also drive out mosquito.

  • There are a lot of mosquitoes are in the summer season. As long as you grow up a few pots of Night-blooming jasmine on the balcony, the number of mosquitoes will be greatly reduced. Because the rich floral scent of night scent is annoying to mosquitoes. In addition, it is best not to have stagnant water in the ditch, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

More tips:

  • If you are accidentally bitten by a mosquito, don't rush to grab it with your hands. Bring a bit of saltwater or toothpaste on the affected area that can quickly help you relieve itching.

  • This method is safe and simple for children. You think any medicine can be harmful to the human body to a certain extent, not to mention the tender skin of children. If your child is bitten by mosquitoes, apply it immediately with salt water, which will relieve itching and stop the bag without side effects.

  • Ways to prevent mosquitoes: Eat vitamin B1. If you go to the wild, eat 3-4 days in advance. People can't feel it, mosquitoes can't stand the smell, they will stay away from you, it is said to be very effective, you try it.

  • If the mosquito bites, break apart a garlic clove and apply the mosquito bite package with the cross-section. It will be fine for a while, and itching will stop.

When you don’t want to be with cockroaches:

  • To avoid cockroaches, besides putting fresh oleander leaves, you can also put fresh cucumbers in a food cabinet or put a plate of sliced ​​onion slices indoors. Cockroaches will immediately escape when they smell it.

Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.

  • After dissolving the proper amount of boric acid in hot water, wipe the floor with a mop or rag. After drying, the white boric acid crystals will penetrate into the cracks of the floor to prevent cockroaches and ants.

  • Another: First go to the market (medical shop) to buy a pack of boric acid. Then go to the vegetable market to buy four potatoes, about a pound more. Peel and dice the potatoes, cook them in the pan, then remove them and mash them.

  • Take half a pack of boric acid, about 25 grams, mix it with mashed potatoes, mix well, and mix well. Then squeeze the mashed potatoes into small pellets, about the size of a camphor blade, and put them in places where cockroaches often infest, close the doors and windows (it is important to have an enclosed space as much as possible).

  • Put some dried or roasted orange peels, lemon peels, and other Rutaceae plants in the cabinet, and it also has the effect of preventing cockroaches.

Use of Chili & black pepper powder to drive out cockroaches:

  • Prepare 1 small dish of black pepper powder and 1 small dish of chili powder
  • Mix black pepper powder with chili powder.
  •  Stir again.

Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.

  • Sprinkle the mixed powder evenly in the kitchen drains or corners of the corners. Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches will not pass through these places and will disappear.

  • Most people think that the fragrant chili powder and pepper powder, besides cooking, also have a recipe. The taste of the mixture of the two powders is not liked by cockroaches, so cockroaches will not dare to come closer and stay away from your home!

  • Camphor (Kapoor) pills, one broken into small pieces or broken into powder and scattered in places where cockroaches often come in and out. Put the cloth under the quilt and put it in it.

  • Take an appropriate amount of washing powder and dilute it with water, and then use a cloth to dip some of this washing powder solution to wipe the surface, inside and dead corners of the cabinet. Such a simple method can make cockroaches escape.

  • If you find anyone who is not afraid of death and comes forward, you don’t have to panic. You can spray these solutions directly to the cockroaches, and the effect is really amazing.

  • The method of killing cockroaches with hot soapy water. Add and mix 100ml liquid soap to 4 liters of hot water. After dissolving, spray it directly on cockroaches to effectively kill cockroaches.

  • Cockroach soda removal method. Sugar and soda powder is mixed in half and placed in the cockroach-infested area. After about 3-14 days, the cockroaches will disappear. It is said that this is also the most common anti-cockroach recipe for everyone.

Use Neem & Eucalyptus:

  • If there is a heavy amount of Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches in the house or office, then it is best to close all of the doors and windows and burn some leaves of eucalyptus and neem with an alcohol spirit lamp it for one or two hours.

  • Due to their odor or aroma, a lot of Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches will either run away from home or faint there.

  • However, it should be remembered that cockroaches and Lizards have extremely strong vitality, and sometimes they are just unconscious and have not really died. So you can't throw it away as useless, it's better to scald it with boiling water. Otherwise, many cockroaches and Lizards will wake up again after ten to twenty minutes, Who will come back later and start destroying again.

  •  Sugar water bottles catch cockroaches. Take 1-2 canned bottles, put 3 tablespoons of sugar water, add half a bowl of boiling water to become bait, and place the bottle in the place where cockroaches move. After the cockroaches smell the sweet smell, they will crawl into the "trap" of the canned bottle.

Use Tung oil:

  • Tung oil catches cockroaches. Buy 100-150 ml of tung oil, heat and boil it into a viscous colloid, coat it around a 15 cm square wooden board or cardboard put a greasy and scented food in the middle as a bait, and cover other foods to prevent them from stealing.

          When roach foraging, as long as they climb to the place where tung oil is present, they can be stuck.

Tips for Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches.

  • Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches are not allowed to be beaten with a flyswatter or to be killed by foot. It is best to use the cockroach paper to see one stick, one is very accurate and effective. Stepping on your feet by cockroaches and Lizards will roll in a lot of bacteria, germs, and viruses.


Electronic Pest Repeller:

  • Most electronic pest repellers generate high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible for humans. Apart from this, these sound waves repulse back not only cockroaches in your apartments but other pests such as rodents, Mosquitoes, Ants, Lizards, and Cockroaches, and other small animals, etc.

  • The use of high-frequency audible Ultrasound waves to prevent pests is a quite old tactic; This type of repellent also used a number of mechanically operated sensory-repellent devices to prevent rodent infestations in agricultural crops and buildings.

  • Ultrasound waves, which are defined by sound frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing capacity has been used as pest &  insecticides control over the past few decades.

The use of the latest technology is permeating in each and every aspect of our routine lives. Although some people do not trust the electronic insect repeller system very much, yet this machine takes quite a lot of time, but the effect the capacity range is very low.

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