21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.

Ayurveda was discovered by mythological texts (Vedas) by Indian saint and sages, Ayurveda has reached all corners of the globe with millions of people are enjoying the benefits of Ayurveda into there life worldwide, So here you are being advised 21 tips to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life.

The principle of Ayurveda is derived from "Tridoshas" meaning Vaat (Sky and Air), Pitt (Heat of the body), and kaph (Water and soil). According to Ayurveda principles, the imbalance of any of these substances may result in disease or any kind of body problem.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.

One can make the right balance of these three things by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, accurate knowledge of healthy values ​​, and ayurvedic medicines with their roots in Indian herbal medicine.

1-We frequently listen to about Ayurveda, however, what's it?

  • The word "Ayurveda" is made up of two words - the first word is "Ayu" and the second word is "Veda". Ayu means life while Veda signs science or knowledge. So, we can say Ayurveda is a science of life.

  • The principle of Ayurveda not only cures man but also to detect the underlying cause of illness and to eliminate it permanently.

  • Ayurveda is not the only application of oil to the forehead and oil massage of the whole body. Rather it is an elaborate disciplined natural lifestyle.

2- Ayurveda recommends more drinking water?

The human body has about 70% water, due to which adequate intake of the water is increased the human body's metabolism, so every morning, always drink one glass of hot water. In fact, this is strongly recommended by Ayurveda.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.


3- Why is it recommended to drink more hot water in the morning?

  • First, detox. It improves the flow of lymph in the body and it eliminates swelling.

  • Drinking hot water will drain away the excess water accumulated in the body

  • With a cup of hot water in the morning, your stomach and intestines will start moving. It will surely wake you up and make you easier to move.

  • The habit of drinking hot water seems to play a role in eliminating constipation, which is common among women.

4- To add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life, It helps to fight with the Covid-19:

  • It is an ayurvedic medicine called Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), it is used in the whole of India, its vine stem is used, it is sometimes called goons, somewhere it is called Amritaballi, it is called Patika, somewhere it is called Amrita.

  • Giloy can be found very easily at every place and if it is boiled with basil and some black pepper, turmeric, and drink its decoction, then any type of fever is immediately controlled.

  • Giloy, (Tinospora Cordifolia) Basil, Black Pepper, and Turmeric are our tremendous home remedies, it enhances our body immunity completely and is the most effective in fighting any type of viruses even coronavirus.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.

5- Do you know about local production for your own consumption?   

Obtaining crops from the land you live in. This is also Ayurveda.

By the way, Ayurveda has good food standards for healthy people.

One is the one made in the land where you live. And it means eating seasonal foods.

6- It's just nearby local production for our own consumption:     

The crops you grow where you live are made up of the same water, air, and land as yourself.
It may be a luxury now that you get seasonal food:

Seasonal ones have a high nutritional value and are delicious above all.

Watermelon in summer, chestnuts, and pears in autumn, cabbage in spring, and butterbur sprouts to eat in early spring. A mandarin orange that eats with a kotatsu in winter.

7- Incorporate spices and herbs to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life :

Indian curry is full of spices. The seasonings that are familiar in India, pepper, and pepper are also spices.

Sprinkle soba or udon with shichimi pepper to tighten the taste.

If you take  Pointed gourd (Parval) with Indian pepper and green coriander, you can enjoy the fragrance until the end without getting tired.

It has a nice scent that warms the body. It is an excellent product that will help you to cool down and help you digest as your appetite increases.

If used properly, the flavor will increase and the food will become even more delicious.

Recently popular Pakchi and coriander. Celery, ginger, and shichimi pepper.

8- Easy! Massage with silk gloves:

Do you want to have beautiful skin? What you can easily do without using high massage oil is to gently rub your skin with silk gloves.

It seems that it is completely sealed, but the skin feels lively. Gently and slowly without rubbing hard.

9- Garshana is also Ayurvedaso, so add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life:

  • It improves chills and improves metabolism.

  • Massage is gentle and slow along with the lymph. It's that easy.

  • Run from face to neck, arms away from fingertips.
  • The image around the stomach is like drawing a circle slowly.

  • If you search with Garshana gloves, you can get silk gloves immediately after you buy them.

10- If you become sensitive to taste, you will change your meal:

You can brush your tongue with a toothbrush, but we recommend using a tongue slapper.

I thought this was enough when I was using a toothbrush, but I was surprised when I used a special tool! ! It's totally different.

It will give you an opportunity to know your physical condition, and if you continue, you will be sensitive to taste.

When it comes to what happens, the light taste becomes delicious.

If you don't need a strong flavor, you can naturally reduce salt and sugar to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life


11- You can feel the taste of vegetables and the taste of soup more than ever:

There are individual differences, but it is interesting.

I am very salty and surprised when I have something to eat.

The ramen soup stock that I always put in one bag.

There are various changes that people tend to feel, such as about two-thirds being enough.

Recommended for those who have become accustomed to the strong taste.

It can be hard to do each time you brush your teeth.

It's a good idea to use it when you brush your teeth right after waking up in the morning.

If possible for you, always brush your teeth before going to bed at night, even twice in a day, by this feeling changes surprisingly.

First of all, try drinking hot water. If you get used to it, please try various things.

If you don't have time, you can use an electric kettle or a microwave oven.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.

12- How to increase metabolism and make your body leaner:

I wasn't thin, my body was sluggish, and I shouldn't have eaten too much.

Maintaining body shape is difficult. I feel that it becomes harder to lose weight with age.

Your body shape will change, and if you are not careful, you will not be able to maintain it.

It is good to exercise and have dietary restrictions, but it may be difficult to achieve results if you do not have a basic body.

13- Increase your body temperature?

These are the words I hear often these days to increase metabolism.

As you can see, these supplements are helpful to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life

What is basal metabolism?

If the body temperature is low, the movement becomes sluggish and the basal metabolism (BMR) declines.

People with high normal fever have active basal metabolism (BMR). Because it uses energy, it burns quickly and digests and absorbs quickly even if you eat.

Limiting food is easy to understand, but anyone can do it right away, but rebounds are scary.

14- Why do you rebound? That is because basal metabolism is low.

  • It is not enough to limit calories and reduce the amount of food you eat.

  • The first is to have a consciousness to increase metabolism.

  • There is also a story that metabolism is reduced by 30% if the body temperature changes by 1 degree.

  • It is said that if the temperature is 36.3 ° C or lower, it will be hypothermic and it will not be effective even if you are on a diet.

  • The reason is that the blood flow becomes poor due to low body temperature.

  • Blood flow deteriorates as body temperature decreases.

  • Then naturally, the immunity is lowered and the flow of lymph is stopped.

  • If the blood does not reach the end, the function of cells will also decline.

15- Does a drop in body temperature cause a lack of exercise?

  • It seems that when muscle strength falls, body temperature drops.

  • The movement of cars has increased in everyday life.

  • Another reason is that the number of opportunities to walk on escalators or elevators has decreased without walking.

  • Muscles are also the organs that produce the heat of the human body.

  • And with age, metabolism declines. If you do that, it will be easier for you to gain weight.

  • Energy is not consumed and it is left over.

  • A vicious cycle in which the muscles that generate heat are reduced and metabolism is also reduced.

  • This is the reason why muscle loss lowers body temperature.

16- In addition, in our lives, we are more often in air conditioning.

  • Supermarkets, offices, trains, and buses. Sometimes I want to wear comfortable clothes, or cold in summer and hot in winter, so I want to wear light clothes.

  • Even if the body does not adjust the body temperature, it will be air-conditioned.

  • That way you won't sweat even though it's hot.

  • Similarly, when it is cold, it is not cold even if the body does not raise the body temperature.

  • The organs that regulate the body's body temperature stop working.

  • Then, it seems that the body temperature does not rise and hypothermia tends to occur, certainly, it may be.

17- How can raise my body temperature?

If you lose your muscle strength, your body temperature will decrease ... If you exercise, your body temperature will rise. but sudden exercise can be difficult.

It is possible to increase the amount of exercise by simply stretching and increasing the chances of walking.

The best way is to ride a bicycle in the morning or take a brisk walk or swim for 10 to 20 minutes.

18- This alone makes a big difference.

Squats are also good. You may want to try a few squats while brushing your teeth.

Even if it is 5 times a day, if you do it every day, it will be 150 times a month!

It is also important not to cool down so that the body temperature does not drop.

Why don't you try taking some measures such as taking a bath and soaking in a bathtub, putting on socks (without cooling your legs), and using a belly band?

Even a little care such as drinking hot drinks and avoiding cold ones can change.

The habit of drinking hot water every day is recommended.

Don't forget to include foods that warm your body.

19- Root vegetables warm the body.

Cook burdock, carrots, lotus root and taro to taste and increase your body heat.

A spice that warms cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

Excellent product that also helps digestion. If you take it at meals, it will improve your gastrointestinal condition.

20- Also, caffeine doesn't very good to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life:

It may be good to use coffee as cocoa and tea or green tea as decaffeinated herbal tea.
The human body is natural, but it is made from what you eat.

I make my own health. Let's improve your metabolism without spending stress and spend well.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.

21- Eat honey, why is it good for you?

  • Honey is said to be good for you, but if you take the initiative to eat it, you will have to think about how to use it.

  • Non-heated honey, which is often found in Ayurveda, is recommended.

  • While it is said that you should eat it every day, it is said to produce toxins (arma) when heated.  

  • Overheating is said to be above body temperature. It seems that it is better not to make it over 40 degrees.

  • One of the reasons why we recommend non-heating is that heating honey will destroy the rich vitamins.

  • In addition, overheating will damage the scent and increase the amount of saccharified substances that cause bad effects in the body, so it is better not to heat.


In this way, you can lead a good,  healthy, naturally live in your life by to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life

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