How to write a perfect article for a blog post.

On this occasion, I will write an article on  How to write Blog post Article Writing Ideas, just as I am experiencing now suddenly. 
I want to write a perfect article for a blog, maybe because I am eager to write so I woke up to write on this blog.

How to write a perfect article for a blog post,Backlink.

While writing a perfect article for a blog post always some things come to mind, keeping these things in mind, if the post is written then the post is definitely successful.

If you write a blog article and divide it into 3 main elements, then in step with them, the article will clearly achieve success, these 3 main parts are the given below.

  •   Finding the topic for a perfect article for a blog post writing Ideas.
  •    How to attract the highest visitors on your blog articles.
  •   Building a blog post  Structure.

A.  Finding the topic for a perfect article for a blog post writing Ideas.

In accordance with the title of the article confused about what article to write on the blog? then I myself will give a tip that can wake you up to write articles on a blog or even remind you to write articles on your own blog.

For more details, please read some of the tips below when you're having trouble finding ideas for writing a perfect article for a blog post on your blog.

Here Are Tips on Finding  a perfect article for a Blog post Writing Ideas  


1. Bring a Pen or Pencil and Paper

Wherever you go try to bring a pen or pencil and paper to make a small note for your article writing ideas, sometimes you find the idea of ​​writing articles when you are outside whether you are working, school or doing daily activities.

Apart from that, sometimes you memorize the idea and will write it after stopping creativity but unfortunately, most of the ideas you have remembered have forgotten, this is what causes you to lose ideas and it's hard to write articles on blogs, so bring a small note. wherever you go. 

2. Listen to music

Music can certainly become less tense up the mind for the listeners, particularly lite and enjoyable rhythmic music, with the aid of being attentive to the song we can able to quiet the mind and relieve strain. Therefore if you are looking for an idea to write an article but it is difficult to find it, then calm your mind first, then try again to think.

3. Read All Kinds of Reading

Reading all types of reading means reading various types of books that are around you, try to find ideas that are suitable for you to write on your blog.

From the book that you read, please look for something that you don't understand and you don't understand, then you look for the meaning or meaning and try to make it into a  perfect article for a blog post on your blog.

4. Share experiences

If you really run out of ideas, it would be nice to keep your blog updated, please share your daily experience on your blog, make it an interesting article. In sharing your experiences you can write a story that is happening on that day or even you can also share in an article.

5. Look for References

Looking for a reference on the internet is also not easy, you might have difficulty in finding ideas for writing what articles, but you can overcome them by searching for what you are experiencing now.

For example, you are having difficulty finding ideas, then look for the article and you read and then in the blog, there are many articles you can look around for a while, and even if it's good you can make it as a reference for your blog article.

6. Answering Questions Comments

From some of the comments on your blog there must be a question addressed to the article or even to yourself, answer the question briefly, and if necessary make a new article if the answer is indeed very long and suitable to be used as an article.

So what if the blog doesn't have a comment yet? If your blog is still quiet and not too many comments, then follow the way to 1 to 5 surely at least you will find ideas for writing blog articles.

7. Don't Watch TV and social media platforms

To my experience, when you can't find an idea,  Don't Watch TV and social media platforms, because it won't find an idea and it will just waste time.

Another thing also says that watching TV causes the brain to slowly weaken through your nose and ears, therefore it is not necessary to search for articles to write articles while watching television.

8. Make Articles Like This

Are you confused about writing what articles on your blog? In explanation number 5 I ask you to look for a reference on the internet, there is no need to write about articles, you can write articles like this.

With so looking for an idea to write articles is very easy, the only thing that is difficult is ourselves depends on the spirit or not in writing an article.

B. How to attract the highest visitors on your blog articles.

Who doesn't want his blog to have high enough traffic? Of course, everybody wants his blog article to have massive traffic.

How to write a perfect article for a blog post.

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However, how can we make blog traffic sustain growth from month by month to year by year? So that blog traffic continues to increase until it reaches the target we want, of course, the blog must be of good quality in terms of existing articles and in terms of backlinks received.

The extra unique articles on the blog and also the backlink, the possibility to come excessive sufficient visitors is broad open Of course, it must be coupled with the name of the number of articles quite a lot it's also useless to have articles quality and also quality backlinks but only a small number of articles.

If your blog has these three elements, namely backlinks, qualified articles, and also a large number of articles, it is certain that your blog will be flooded with visitors from Google.

Therefore the need to make quality articles every two day.

1. Why Blog Articles Must Have minimum 1000 Words

There are a number of reasons why articles have to be unique. The quality approach that the blog post does not replicate and paste from other persons' blogs, the words of the article come from your own mind in order to come to differ from articles in other blogs post.

It is very unlikely that the article was written from your own thoughts and style will be exactly the same as an article on someone else's blog, so try to use your own words and style. In addition, the range of words inside the article at least one thousand words, why ...?

  • Google likes, in fact, Google really likes long articles. Google will assume that the article has discussed in detail certain themes so that the number of words is very much.

  • You can also prove this in the articles in Google SERP. Most articles that have a pretty good ranking on Google are articles that have a lot of words.

          Google itself recommends articles with a minimum number of 1000 words.

  • Not considered spam, the number of articles that have quite a few words will be considered spam by Google so that it will have a negative impact on your blog which in the end does not increase blog traffic.

  • Besides being considered spam by Google, your article to it will be very difficult to compete with other articles that have more authority than your blog articles.

  • Maintaining Blog Quality, Another reason why articles must have a minimum of 1000 words is to maintain the quality of blogs that are starting to improve.

  • Because Google really likes articles that have quite a number of words, this will have an impact on the quality of your blog and blog traffic.

  • Visitors Will Betah, To review thoroughly about a particular theme will require a sufficient number of words so that the end of the blog will be happy with your blog because it gets very close reviews so visit again next time.

How to write a perfect article for a blog post.2. The Main cause About a large Number of Words in a Blog Article

  • The main reason why each of your blog articles must be translucent at least 1000 words is just to maintain the quality of your blog, besides that blog posts that have a sufficient number of words are more recommended by Google.

  • So as to get sufficient ranking good on google SERP. For that make a blog article with at least a quantity of words of one thousand words to increase your website visitors.

  •  In addition, the number of articles also greatly affects the traffic and also the quality of your blog.

  • The more often you update your blog, the better it is in the eyes of Google.

  • Usually, if you are diligent in updating the blog regularly, your blog's website rankings will continue to increase even though your blog traffic is still low.

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C.  Building a blog post  Structure.

Internal links have the same effect as external links (backlinks). The difference is that the website owner can control 100% of the number, location, and structure.

Building internal links means building a website structure.  And to make a strong structure, it isn't always sufficient to handiest rely on 'associated posts' and links in the navigation bar menu.

There are techniques so that your website is more sturdy.

1. About internal links

So as not to be misunderstood, let me first explain briefly.

An internal link is a link that leads from one page to another page on the same website.

While external hyperlinks or backlinks come from other websites to our website. 

There are three foremost targets of the links on the website:

  • Facilitate visitor navigation
  • Form a website structure
  • Distribute authority to other pages of the website

So, if on your website there is 1 page that has high authority (because of the backlink), you can distribute its power to other pages. This is very important to make internal links to other pages of your blog.

How to write a perfect article for a blog post,Backlink.


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2. Good website structure

I mentioned earlier that one of its functions is to form a website structure. The reason is that a page that gets a lot of internal links will be considered the main page by search engines.

Here is an example of a good (simplified) website structure:

Each circle shows one website page and a line shows a link. The bigger the circle, the greater the authority of the page (because there are many links).

This structure is good because it shows clearly which content is main and which content is related and supports the main content. Thanks to this, visitors and search engines can easily explore the site.

3. Why 'related posts' are not enough

Many websites, especially blogs, and online stores only rely on related posts that are created automatically to build internal links.

This way isn't properly considerable to construct a website structure.

Because links in related posts are formed automatically by the system, you don't have the power to determine which pages are the most important on your website.

As a result, the website structure is like this (rough estimate):

Poor Structure

With related posts, all of the content of the article becomes an identical level. No content is considered important, no supporting content. This is because one page connects another page without the same weight and quantity.

If you only use related posts, you are just the same rely on backlinks to determine page priority. Losing strongly with web sites that depend upon all types of inner and external links.

In addition, visitors additionally hardly ever go to pages in related posts than all types of inner links which can be created manually

4. Main content

Intentionally or unintentionally, your website needs to have a few particular content material.

This main content is usually heavy in content, the manufacturing process is the most time consuming, and you feel most proud of its contents.

If you don't already feel you have the main content. Check your Analytics and see which pages are the most visited besides the homepage. Make these pages the main page. Improve and re-develop content.

Furthermore, other content that you create after this should be a derivative, further explanation, or side of the main content that can be linked back to internal links.

These main contents will later have a high chance to appear on Google site links.

Tips on building internal links

Here are the ways you can build internal links manually without utilizing any plugins to create a good structure.

1. Insert in content

  • The best form of links is between the sentences in the content. First, because it looks natural. Second, visitors are more interested in clicking. Third, rich in keywords.
  • A hyperlink to a selected page appears many times in order no longer to disturb the reader. Better to link to 2-3 different pages in 1 article rather than 2-3 to the same page.

2. Use anchor text

  • Just like backlinks, use anchor text to link to each internal link. Don't use a standard sentence like "click here", "this page", and so on. For internal hyperlinks until it is very necessary.
  • Don't also use phrases that are overly optimized. Insert into sentences naturally so that the sentence will still be pleasant to read but will still describe your link.


3. Avoid links to the following page

  • Do not put a link to the homepage from within the content because there are already many links on your website that go to the homepage. Do not also put a link to the page itself, it's useless.

  • Other pages that you don't need to optimize for search engines like contact, about, and regulations also don't need to be linked.

4. Connect only relevant pages

  • The internal link that you install must be on a page with a similar topic. For example, page 1 related to shahi paneer recipe, page 2 related to tandoori chicken recipe, page 3 related to a motorcycle.

  • You can link pages 1 and 2, but never link pages 3 with 1 and 2.

5. DoFollow backlinks

How to write a perfect article for a blog post.
  • Don't establish your backlinks rel = "Nofollow" for all the backlinks on your website. Nofollow backlinks are considered not to distribute the authority of the page to other pages, so it will be useless in SEO.

6. Don't disturb the comfort

  • Anything you do on your website should not disturb the convenience of the reader, including internal links.
  • That is, don't put too many links and don't put irrelevant links.
  • How much is too much? Depending on the content words of your article.

7. Limit the number of interlinks made to other pages.

  • Site-wide links are links that appear on all pages of your website, for example, links in the navigation header, sidebar, and footer. 

  • These links, which are mostly not going to have a positive impact, actually cause your structure to be less good and make visitors disturbed.

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So many articles about confused about what article to write?  The technique of building internal links manually to get a perfect article for a blog post structure.

In the process of making a website, anything has done manually usually gives better results than being completely automated, I apologize more or less, I think it may be a useful Article for you.

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