How to obtain an International driving license (IDP) in India.

If you are planning to go somewhere abroad and want to complete your work by driving your own car by going there, since your Indian driving license is not valid in countries outside India, therefore, you need an IDP (International Driving Permit / License) to drive there.

An international driving license can be used to drive cars / two-wheelers in different countries on a fixed period basis.

This type of license is called IDP (International Driving Permit), it is not very difficult to get IDP (International Driving Permit) and you can get it from your local regional transport office. There are certain procedures for obtaining IDPs.

This international driving permit is also the official foreign travel document the (IDP) has many international languages, due to which the investigating officer abroad can easily verify your document, especially when an accident happens to you.

If you do not have a valid Indian driving license, you cannot apply for an IDP, and if it is, then the license must be valid for more than one month the number of days for which you need an IDP. to get IDP the validity of your passport should be more than 6 months until return to India.


Some important points about the International Driving License (IDP):-

An International Driving License (IDP) is a very important document. Please protect it in the same way that you keep your passport safe.

An International driving license (IDP) is not renewed or extended. After the expiration of its term, it will have to go through the entire process again to get an international driving license again.

In case you lose or damage your international driving license (IDP) abroad, please inform it immediately to the Indian embassy there and local police officers, and if you are in your country inform its local issuing authorities.

International Driving License (IDP) can be obtained from three sources.

  •  WIAA (Western Indian Automobile Association).
  •   ITCA (International Traffic Control Association) website
  •  Zonal/Regional Transport Office (Head-office of the RTO in your city/district).

How to obtain an International driving license (IDP) in India.


WIAA (Western Indian Automobile Association):-

Only registered members of  Western Indian Automobile Association (WIAA)  can apply to get an International Driving License IDP and this whole process can be completed through official website of WIAA.

A person willing to drive a vehicle in a foreign country is required to be an Indian driving license holder, only he/she can apply for an International driving license (IDP) through WIAA. This IDP is valid for only one year from the date of issue only for private vehicles.

Only people from the areas of Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad can get an International driving license(IDP) through this institution.

800 rupees are charged in cash or in check as a fee to make IDP by Western Indian Automobile Association.

If you are going to North America's region and you have a membership card from the (AAA) American Automobile Association, then you will get a special discount.

If you do not have a membership card of the American Automobile Association and wish to get one, contact (AAA) official website for registration at

How to obtain an International driving license (IDP) in India.


ITCA (International Traffic Control Association) website.

Idp (International Driving License) can also be obtained by  International Traffic Control Association (ITCA)  but the process of obtaining Idp through it is a bit costly and complicated.

To make an IDP (International Driving License)  the official website of ITCA (International Traffic Control Association) is

The details of the fees for making IDP by ITCA (International Traffic Control Association) are as follows.

  • BOOKLET  AND ID for  1 year-validity      30$
  • BOOKLET AND ID  for  2 years-validity    36$
  • BOOKLET AND ID  for  3 years-validity    42$
  • BOOKLET AND ID  for  5 years-validity    52$
  • BOOKLET AND ID  for  7 years-validity    60$
  • BOOKLET AND ID  for  10 years-validity  70$

Today I am going to tell you how an International Driving Permit can be obtained, whether you live in any state of India. You need to do the same online process before going to your nearest (RTO) local regional transport office.

How to apply online for IDP (International Driving Permit) via (RTO): -

I mean there is a website and you have to fill all your details and everything you need to do online. but just for the last two-step, you have to go personally at your nearest  (RTO) office so they could recognize your face on the computer.

The first thing you have to do is open your browser then in search tab type, you'll find this first link in the google search that you have to click on Sarathy.

How to obtain an International driving license (IDP) in India.

Clicking on it, the home page of the Sarathi website will open, in the middle of it will appear written in red color (Online services in this portal are available only for the States listed below). There is a window just below this, in this window you have to select your state name.

Now you have to choose from which state you are applying from and then the website will direct you to the next window row after selecting the state you will see this page on this page on the left side you will find Driving Licence column from the drop-down menu you have to click on services  'Apply Online'.

A new window will open as soon as you click on the 'Apply Online' column, in which click on the option (renewal, duplicate, other), On clicking on the column containing (renewal, duplicate, other), a new page will open on which there are many options. Here you have to click on (continue) button.

On clicking the (Continue) button, a new page will open in which you will have to fill the complete information about your driving license. and then click on the 'Proceed' button.

The fees payment and upload documents online:-

Before we press to 'Proceed' just have a look at this you need to follow these steps you will have to first fill the request form then you have to upload documents you'll have to upload your photo and signatures and then you'll have to book add license test slot which will not be required in this case.

The next thing you have to click on continue once you're on this page you have to fill the details like your driving license number your date of birth your state and from which cities are the office you're going to be applying for then simply you just have to click on go button here the details of your license because you are already having the normal license.

You are applying for an international driving license so it will show you all the details you just have to check the details that these are your details you have to confirm it here that the mentioned details are yours only and then click on proceed ok again.

You have to click on confirm once the details are consumed then you'll have to authenticate yourselves. then you have to pay a fee of one thousand rupees.

Now you have to select the option for which we are applying for so we'll select issue international driving permit and then you have to click here submit it means that you are applying for an international driving permit.

Get your medical fitness certificate:-

Once you have filled up all the details you will be transferred on this page and on this page you will have to upload some documents like your passport your visa your photograph and signature and at the end, you'll have to do payment of your fees so as everything is ready the only thing left for me to do, that is to obtain a medical certificate.

When you reach the destination, the first thing is that if you try to get your fitness certificate from a government hospital, then you will realize that it is not so easy to get a medical fitness certificate.
You should have enough time when you go to the government hospital because there is already a huge crowd of patients there, so when you are going to obtain a medical certificate or fitness certificate, be prepare for it.

After the medical fitness test, you have to wait for another medical officer because you'll have to do your eye checkup went to another medical officer it's necessary Because different parts of the body have different departments in a government hospital.

It is not mandatory that you will have the facility of eye examination where you have done your physical examination, so you have to go to any other government hospitals which can test your eyes and then you have to take a proof from that and only You will have to see that government doctor who can provide you with a full-body fitness certificate.

After a lot of hustle and time,  you get a medical certificate at the end, now You have to get your medical fitness certificate and get all your documents verified. after submission of all documents and completion of all required formality, after few days you will get your IDP (International Driving Permit).

These documents are required to obtain an International driving license IDP.

  • Valid Indian Driving License.
  • Valid Indian Passport
  • Applicant’s Valid Visa
  • Valid Air Ticket
  • Address Proof of Applicant (Aadhaar card, Passport, Voter ID).
  • Identity Proof of Applicant (Aadhaar card, Birth Certificate, Ration Card, Voter ID)
  • Four Passport Size Photographs of Applicant (Photographs should be latest)

RTO officials issuing IDPs may ask you to buy a confirmed return ticket for the traveling country.

To get the IDP, you need to fill in the form available in the Regional Transport Office and online and submit it which should be properly filled and signed.

You will need to have a FORM 1- and FORM 1-A-Vahan, signed and stamped by a medical practitioner, stating that you are physically, mentally, and fit by eye for driving.

How to obtain an International driving license (IDP) in India.


To get IDP one needs to fill the following forms.

FORM 1-Vahan.  [See Rule 5(2)]APPLICATION-CUM-DECLARATION AS TO PHYSICAL FITNESS (Application form). (Available online)

FORM 1-A-Vahan.  [See Rules 5 (1), (3), (7), 10(a), 14(d) and 18(d)] MEDICAL CERTIFICATE. (Application form). (Available online)

FORM 4 -Vahan   [See Rule 14 (1)]FORM OF APPLICANT FOR LICENCE TO DRIVE A MOTOR VEHICLE.  (Application form). (Available online)

NOC Certificate-
Always try to apply for IDP in the same RTO from where your Indian driving license has been issued. If you are living in a different city or state than the district or state mentioned in your license, you need to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your original license issuing authority,

Along with the license application form, You must attach a copy of the visa of that country in which you require the license to drive the vehicles.

If the host country has a provision for 'Visa-on-Arrival' facility to Indians, then you will have to attach a printout from their official website, Which will confirm the visa-on-arrival' facility for Indians this provision.


Here is the list of countries that accept international driving license IDP / IDL.

List of countries accepting international driving license.

table list of countries that accept IDP
S.No Country Country
01 Albania 68 Lebanon
02 Algeria 69 Lesotho
03 Argentina 70 Liechtenstein
04 Australia 71 Lithuania
05 Austria 72 Luxembourg
06 Azerbaijan 73 Madagascar
07 Bahamas 74 Malawi
08 Bahrain 75 Malaysia
09 Bangladesh 76 Mali
10 Barbados 77 Malta
11 Belarus 78 Mexico
12 Belgium 79 Monaco
13 Benin 80 Mongolia
14 Bosnia 81 Morocco
15 Botswana 82 Myanmar
16 Brazil 83 Namibia
17 Brunei 84 Netherlands
18 Bulgaria 85 New Zealand
19 Burkina Faso 86 Niger
20 Cabo Verde 87 Nigeria
21 Cambodia 88 North Macedonia
22 Canada 89 Norway
23 AfricanRepublic 90 Pakistan
24 Chile 91 Papua New Guinea
25 Costa Rica 92 Paraguay
26 Côte d'Ivoire 93 Peru
27 Croatia 94 Philippines
28 Cuba 95 Poland
29 Cyprus 96 Portugal
30 Czech Republic 97 Qatar
31 Republic of the Congo 98 Korea
32 Denmark 99 Republic of Moldova
33 Dominican Republic 100 Romania
34 Ecuador 101 Russian Federation
35 Egypt 102 Rwanda
36 Estonia 103 San Marino
37 Fiji 104 Saudi Arabia
38 Finland 105 Senegal
39 France 106 Serbia
40 Georgia 107 Seychelles
41 Germany 108 Sierra Leone
42 Ghana 109 Singapore
43 Greece 110 Slovakia
44 Guatemala 111 Slovenia
45 Guyana 112 South Africa
46 Haiti 113 Spain
47 Holy See 114 Sri Lanka
48 Honduras 115 Sweden
49 Hungary 116 Switzerland
50 Iceland 117 Syria
51 India 118 Tajikistan
52 Indonesia 119 Togo
53 Iran 120 Trinidad and Tobago
54 Iraq 121 Tunisia
55 Ireland 122 Turkey
56 Israel 123 Turkmenistan
57 Italy 124 Uganda
58 Jamaica 125 Ukraine
59 Japan 126 United Arab Emirates
60 Jordan 127 United Kingdom
61 Kyrgyzstan 128 United States of America
62 Kazakhstan 129 Uruguay
63 Kenya 130 Uzbekistan
64 Kuwait 131 Venezuela
65 Laos 132 Vietnam
66 Latvia 133 Zimbabwe
67 Liberia 134 Zaire (Former Congo)

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